Thank You, 2009

Mark mumbled early this morning some plans involving scotch and the ringing out of “this horrid year”.

But doctors believe breast cancer takes six to eight years to develop to a detectable size and this was the year we caught it, cut it out, clubbed it and commenced construction of kick-ass “KEEP OUT” mechanisms.

So I say, “Thank You, 2009.”

and good riddance!

Other happenings that rocked our 2009:

January 14

Nortel (my employer at the time) seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States and Canada.

Not a huge surprise but it definitely rocked our world.

February 24

We adopt our pooch, Phaedra.

After 6 years of daily pleading, coercing, negotiating and plotting, we caved in. Little did we know she would become my very own Dr. White.

March 30

I leap from Nortel, and 22 years of software development, to a 12-month term position as a Technical Writer at EDC.

It was my first time without health benefits in my entire adult life, but it was walking distance from home and a chance to swap the stress of software development for the creative bliss of writing.

April 5

My “father”, Keith Ross, attempts to break into our home, spends who knows how long smashing on our front door, screaming through our mail slot and tearing out our mail slot and curtain.

As traumatic as this was for our entire family, it marked a clean endpoint of what has been an extremely painful, life long dysfunctional relationship.

July 6

Lucy attends her very first sleep-away camp.

It was a week at Time Travellers at Upper Canada Village where she and 40 other youngsters dressed in period costume and lived the role of an 1860s child. Lucy LOVED every minute of it!

August 15

I’m reunited with my long lost cousin, Kelly Clavette.

Kelly was my favourite cousin and a constant holiday companion throughout my childhood. We lost touch in our tweens. Thirty years later, Kelly and I “almost accidentally” reconnected and our renewed friendship with Kelly and her family brings our whole family true joy daily.

October 6

My diagnosis bridges the gap between myself and Mark’s parents, Rhoda and Bert Blevis.

Religious differences, unclear expecations and my own social anxiety had made my relationship with Mark’s parents a rocky one but the minute they received news of my diagnosis, Rhoda and Bert let bygones be bygones and promptly made themselves available to support our little family in any and every way.  We couldn’t have made it this far (this sane) without their unbelievable support.

October 12

My diagnosis reunites me with my long lost brother, David Ross.

I’ve missed my little bro terribly and, regardless of the circumstances, I’m thrilled that we’re in each others’ lives again.

November 25

Mark abandons his own media endeavours and takes an exciting new position as a digital public affairs strategist with Fleishman-Hillard.

Health benefits and insurance and security, Oh My!

December 18

Our friend Caroline Coady announces she is cured of Stage 4 Colon Cancer.


December 21

Mark’s long time friend David O’Farrell loses his battle with cancer.

December 22

I revel in 14 years of Mark Blevis.

On December 22, 1995, while on a date with someone else and thanks to a huge number of coincidences, I met Mark Blevis. Lucky me! We’ve doubled the seven year itch and I’m still itching to be with this fabulous guy.

Thank you, 2009…  Bring On 2010!!

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • Happy New Year, Andrea! Here's to a new year/decade with months of GOOD news and growing relationships. [She writes raising her glass in a toast!]

  • johnmeadows

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again Andrea — your courage and attitude are inspiring, and a model to all of us. Like I said on the phone to Mark the other night, positive energy generates it own outcomes, and I have no doubt you will win. Cancer will regret the day it decided to pick a fight with you! 🙂

    To you, Mark and family, my sincere wishes for a happy, healthy and above all victorious 2010. I look forward to sending you these wishes for many years to come!!

    Cheers & Hugs,


  • justonemorebook

    Thank you, Terry! I'm toasting you right back (with acai tea!). Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy 2010

  • justonemorebook

    Thank you, John! Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy 2010. I'll miss you at PodcampTO this year … and I'm looking forward to sharing some laughs with you at PAB10, if not before! Thanks again for the fab bionic audio.

  • Andrea, You've really had a jam-packed year and it almost seems as if everything up to now including 2009's ups and downs have prepared you for the fight ahead. You're going to beat this sucker, (less than) a year from now, we'll all be celebrating the next chapter and it will be a long and wonderful one. Can't wait to see you whoop cancer's ass.

    Wishing you and your little family – with big hearts – a clear victory and all the best for 2010,


  • justonemorebook

    Thank you, Eden! We're so grateful for your friendship and support. Looking forward to celebrating the whooping with you very, very soon! Happy New Year to you and your boys!

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