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Bayla (Now 9!) is the youngest member of the Clan Ross-Blevis. You can read more from Bayla here.

  • Quite frankly, this 8-year old has said more about cancer in its reality in this short statement than anything I have ever read…truth, encouragement, emotion….all right there. Thank you, Bayla!

  • Thank you, Carol. Bayla will be thrilled to learn that her perspective has been read and appreciated. When Bayla first read me this piece, last night, she told me that ideas from The Secret Garden had triggered the thoughts.

  • Kelly

    WOW!!! Bayla I think you hit the nail right on the head when you described 'CANCER'. Cancer is dark and poisonous and it doesn't discriminate. It attacks babies and the elderly, black and white, thin and fat, strong and weak.

    Your Mom is one of the strongest women I know and I know she will beat the heck out of her cancer. I think she already has!!

    I really enjoy your postings Bayla. Keep up the STUPENDOUS work!!!

    Love your cousin, Kelly xoxo

  • BaylaRB

    THANKS alot, Kelly, that was the highlight of my day when I read that comment it's nice to hear from you again, I will be sure to tell Lucy about your comment.

    your #1 fan 😉

  • vivianvasquez

    Bayla, I know lots of people have said your mom is strong and brave, and she truly is. She is awesome. But I think you are pretty awesome, brave and strong also to have been able to say so clearly what lots of adults struggle to say. Big Hugs.

  • BaylaRB

    thanks, Vivian, it's true my mom is VERY awesome! This is the very first time someone I don't even know has said to me through email that I am awesome! THANKS
    BAYLA 😉

  • Cousin Kelly

    Hi Bayla! I was so happy to get your comment. Jade said “Tell Bayla that I think she is SO SMART for her age.” and she asked me to tell you that she thinks you are doing a wonderful job on web site. I agree with Jade 😎
    Would you please tell Lucy that I miss her like crazy and I can't wait until I can hug her again and kiss her sweet little face!!! (and yours too of course!) Big hugs and kisses coming your way! Keep up the good work Bayla. You are a natural.
    Lots of Love, your cousins Kelly and Jade Barbara xoxoxo

  • BaylaRB

    I will tell Lucy that you miss her and you can't wait to see her in the spring, we love you and we can't wait to see YOU in the spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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