Meeting Myself

Words of wisdom from Cheryl Crowe, breast cancer survivor:

I remember my radiologist saying to me, “Your mission now is to ask yourself every day, ‘Am I doing what I want to be doing?'” And  I do ask myself that, every day. I try to make the answer yes, even if it requires saying the word no and disappointing someone.

My experience was about letting go. It was about really experiencing all that was happening at the deepest emotional level, for that is where the big changes occur. That is where you meet yourself. Where you begin remembering who you are and who you were meant to be. I don’t believe you have to be diagnosed to come to these lessons, but sometimes the catastrophic moments in life force you to focus in on the immediate.

“Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips” by Kris Carr.
Skirt! Publications, 2007

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • bobledrew

    What Sheryl Crow says here speaks to me. My experience with cancer was shattering in some ways. It led to the breakdown of some myths I had made for myself, some preconceptions that I had created and that others had accepted, and a LOT of change. One extra point: focusing “in on the immediate” can sometimes allow you to focus on the infinite. All we have is now.

  • Has your passion for music and your experience with cancer ever intersected beyond the shift in life focus?

  • bobledrew

    Actually, the first song that I ever wrote dealt with someone else's cancer. I'd been playing guitar forever, writing for just about ever, and until my guitar teacher at the time asked me if I'd ever written a song… I had never even THOUGHT of it (How can that be? I still don't know.) So in a spasm of about an hour, I blasted out a song and brought it to him the next week.

    The good about the song: I think it's structured pretty well.
    The bad: it's so specific to the circumstances I think it's obscure
    The ugly: it's far from the happiest song in the world.

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