Oncology Update: Mysteries Solved

Woohoo! All mysteries were solved at my pre-chemo-2 oncology appointment today:

  • Why is my port-a-cath migrating in my chest?
    Apparently, this is just the result of reduced swelling around the incision (just like Mark told me it was).
  • What’s with the new lump just above my lumpectomy incision?
    Apparently, this is just the result of increased swelling and scar tissue around the incision (just like Bayla told me it was — in fact she had a whole blog post explaining her theory but we didn’t allow her computer time).
  • Why are my forearms and wrists weak and painful since chemo #1?
    No specific response to this but likely in line with steroid response, below.
  • How much will the port-a-cath puncture hurt?
    Thanks to an Emla patch and a hilarious and spunky nurse, the puncture barely hurt at all (although my major squeamishness about the whole thing still needs some work).
  • Can I avoid the 3 day post-steroid hangover following chemo without giving up my beloved post-chemo steroids? If so, how?
    Turns out I was accidentally given a prescription for twice the intended dose of steroids. No wonder I was hit with major munchies, turbo energy and a surge of creative brilliance throughout my rockin’ post-chemo-1 weekend! Much to my disappointment, my doctor has halved my dosage for this round to avoid the 3 day post-steroid hangover. Fingers crossed chemo is totally fabulous (and effective) this round…

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Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

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