The Supporter Experience #3: Applause

Today was Andrea’s second chemotherapy session. As always, she was a champ. I sometimes wonder how I would fair in the same situation.

Today, as I watched Andrea’s medicine bags drain I clued in to a celebratory atmosphere just opposite where we were sitting. It was a gathering of nurses making a happy fuss over someone as they were disconnecting all of the tubes; disconnecting for the last time as it turns out. Then there was a procession of nurses clapping and hooting as they followed the patient down the hallway of clinic for what will hopefully be their last visit there.

My focus for chemotherapy is to keep our heads down and power through. If we can keep Andrea healthy, she can remain on schedule and we can listen to the nurses cheer her on as we leave the chemo clinic for the last time on April 2.

  • OH what a happy day that will be, and we'll all be there, either physically or spiritually, cheering her (and you) on.

  • pumpkinpatchprimitives

    I am looking forward to reading that post. Hang in there. I'm saying a little prayer for you! B=)

  • Thank you, Brenda! We look forward to writing it.

  • Thanks, Bob. We'll keep you posted on all of the important milestones. I almost said celebrations and realized that we should really celebrate everyday.

  • How wonderful that the chemo concluded exactly as planned !! It is humbling to witness the grace, courage, patience and fortitude. Add to that the out-and-out support and cheerleading of Mark and LuBa. Oh, what love and affection !! What candour in capturing your true feelings at every stage of the treatment !! This is what will give hope to so many of those undergoing treatment.

    Heartiest congratulations and best wishes to clan Ross-Blevis. Praying for a complete and thorough recovery from here on.

  • Thank you for all your support and for these kind words, Sriram.

    We miss your smile and send wishes of good health and happiness to yourself, your family, your new bride … and your family to be…

    And hope your travels bring you to us again soon!

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