BUY Combivir ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Aside from the obvious feats for the squeamish (injections, surgeries, claustrophobic scans and implanted heart vein stuff), the past 3 months have provided me with opportunities to perform the following impressive stunts (please hum "The Final Countdown" while reading this list):

  • lasting 3 weeks -- and counting -- without entering a store, coffee shop or restaurant

  • grinning and bearing various brutally insensitive so-you've-got-cancer remarks

  • surviving Christmas Day without coffee or chocolate

  • juicing and guzzling a potent veggie combo every single morning for 10 weeks, and counting

  • popping more pills and supplements than in my entire pre-c life combined

  • wearing the same 8 or so tights, T & hoodie day in and day out for weeks

  • enduring outrageous family flare ups without losing my mind

  • peeing red (Epirubicin portion of FEC chemo)

  • peeing blue (radioactive dye)

  • sharing my home, against my will, with ... wait for it .., buy Combivir without prescription. Order Combivir from mexican pharmacy, RATS (yup. the vermin moved in 4 weeks into this challenge and have yet to vamoose)

Ta da! (AD)
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About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • mantolovich


    …but really, that's a lot. you can do it!

  • Andrea Ross

    a trick is something that a…. er….. you know the rest of the quote! ;O)

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