Journey Learning #4: Releasing Resentment

Being bullied, belittled and abused from birth definitely didn’t make me the most carefree of characters. It left me raw and responsive to random nastiness. It made injustices cling — each incidental injury tearing into the stinging wound within.

And the clinging hurts became cancer.

I’m realizing now that I have to let go. That to flush the cancer from my body, I need to flush out the pain. I need to expel the anguish I feel every single day. I need to release the resentment towards the handful of people who have hurt me most; who continue to hurt me, through snipes, spite or snubbing.

I must.

But how?

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • whitneyhoffman

    I try to remember everybody hopefully does the best they can at the time, even when their best is not great or downright awful. Sometimes it comes from hurts and scars they have from their growing up, and they just don't know any better. Sometimes they are more self concerned than concerned about others, even their kids.
    You gradually let go by realizing that they cannot change unless they want to. You can't do it for them, or make them be the people you want them to be, you hope them to be, or even the people you sometimes get a glimpse of deep inside. You can only choose whether or not to let it affect you. You don't have to leave yourself open and vulnerable to hurt. But you do have to, on some level, forgive them for not doing better, for being impulsive and hurtful and stupid, and in some ways, feels sorry for them that they are missing out on so many joys and happiness in life.
    In some ways, feeling sorry for them, that they hurt and lash out at others like a wounded animal helps to at least understand the pain that causes them to act that way. It helps you find your way towards forgiveness, to let go of the thoughts of “Why did it have to be this way? ” because you can't change the past- only your future.

  • sheree fitch

    the wounded wound
    the healed forgive
    we try our best
    we love
    we live

    just for you andrea
    a sheree mantra

  • Whitney, Sheree,

    Thank you.


  • vivianvasquez

    I think you're onto the how with your reaching out to people around you. Those who truly care are here for you. And I bet there are some people who you may not even realize think about you and send healing vibes each day 🙂 Much Love friend.

  • Thank you, Vivian.

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