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Forgiveness is the release of all hope for a better past. – Anonymous

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From the Mouth of Bayla #9

When your hair grows back,  it’s really fuzzy, so you might want too keep shaving it until it gets back to normal, or if you really want fuzzy hair then that’s okay but it won’t be very warm. When you … Continue reading

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Angels and Strangers

It’s an odd feeling to pour out my thoughts each week and see hundreds of readers dropping by from around the world yet to never know who these readers are, how they found us, how our story impacts them or why they return.

This thoughtful stranger took the time to let me see my little life rippling out, touching others and bouncing brightly back. And it felt great. Continue reading

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Time to forgive me

It was February, 1998. I was healthy, happy, fit and in love. I was having exciting adventures. I had good friends, a great relationship and a satisfying job. Life was fine. There was just one tiny, huge problem: I was … Continue reading

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After a certain number of sleepless nights, doesn’t your body have to finally fall asleep? Pain or no pain? Important Update: I finally got my pain medication to take the edge off my many complaints and was able to sleep … Continue reading

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Easy Anticancer Action

My friend Caroline was kind enough to loan me the fabulous book Anticancer: A New Way of Life, by two-time cancer survivor and researcher Dr. David Servan-Schrieber, M.D., Ph.D. I’m not much for radical changes, discipline or complicated formulas so … Continue reading

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I don’t know why, but that’s it

I don’t know why, but that’s it. For the first time since my first surgery way back in October, I’m throwing in the towel and going right back to bed. No juicing, no supplements, no exercise, no shower. I know … Continue reading

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Thank you!

A huge thank you to Sean McGaughey and Daniele Rossi for gathering good vibes for us at PodCamp Toronto 2010 and to all the fabulous friends who contributed great wishes — and favourite children’s book titles. You can listen in … Continue reading

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Virtually reconnecting

Under normal circumstances, Andrea and I would be in Toronto this weekend to attend the fourth PodCamp Toronto (PCTO2010), a social media “unconference”. It’s one of two annual events we make a point of being a part of at which … Continue reading

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Perhaps you remember Neuterfest?

Andrea and I were married on February 6, 1999. We had a small wedding in one of our favourite restaurants at the time, Le Panaché, with close friends and family who could show up at our door or us at … Continue reading

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We’ll Rebuild Jack Too

We’ll be adding Jack Layton to our daily beamings. You can do it Jack! Olivia did. And I’m going to. Photo thanks to Medmoiselle T.

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Happiness is…

Coffee. This morning I had my first cup of coffee since my diagnosis, exactly four months minus one day ago. Sure, it was take-out, tepid and left me feeling jangled and quite sick to my stomach. I simply forgave it. … Continue reading

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The Art of Being Alive

The Artists of Being Alive (by J. Stone) The most visible creators I know are those whose medium is life itself; The ones who express the inexpressible without brush, hammer, clay or guitar. They neither paint nor sculpt. Their medium … Continue reading

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Baking and batter have long brought me bliss. Before cancer took centre stage, we baked several times a week — often as entertainment or just to lick the spoon. That stopped suddenly on December 3, 2009, when I decided to … Continue reading

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From the Mouth of Bayla #7: BULLIES

When you’re in the gym getting ready for the walk over* and one of your WORST enemies is bullying you, you don’t really want to go tell your principal because you are kind of too tired to go from the … Continue reading

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