From the Mouth of Bayla #7: BULLIES

When you’re in the gym getting ready for the walk over* and one of your WORST enemies is bullying you, you don’t really want to go tell your principal because you are kind of too tired to go from the third floor to the gym to the first floor so you just yell to a counselor that he is being mean to you…again. Your mom has cancer and you are putting up with: being hit in the back, being kicked, being laughed at and when you finally get an appoligy this is what it sounds like: “I am not sorry.” WHAT? I don’t think so!

*walk over is a walk to after-care and until everybody is there, you stay in the gym of your school and you wait in line with your friends  (bullies are there in line too so they always start to bullie me Lucy and two other friends.)

About Bayla

Bayla (Now 9!) is the youngest member of the Clan Ross-Blevis. You can read more from Bayla here.

  • Kelly

    Hi Bayla, this blog just breaks my heart! To hear that you and Lucy are being bullied is just awful. I wish I could do something for you two….like maybe I'll come to your school and beat him up…just kidding!!!! (but that's what I feel like doing when I hear that some bully is hurting, hitting, kicking and laughing at two sweet, loving, kind and considerate little girls who are putting up a brave face as their mother battles cancer. You and Lucy have enough to worry about and you DON'T NEED A BULLY, NO ONE DOES) Right now you need all your real friends to stand by you and up for you. You are a strong pillar of support and love for your Mom and you don't need to be brought down by someone. My Great Uncle Danny lived to be 105 years old and he gave Jade, Luke and I a wonderful peice of advice before he passed away. He said “if you don't like somebody just stay as far away from them as you can” I am hoping and praying that you and Lucy are able to stay far far away from that bully. If you can't I think it would be well worth the walk to the principals office. Your principal should be able to put an immediate STOP to that bulling.
    We all love you guys to pieces and miss you like crazy! Love and prayers, your cousins I, J, K and L xoxo

  • sheree

    Oh Bayla ! It is so sad some people act like that to get attention. There's probably a lot going on with him too… things we do not know. But that does not excuse what he is doing in any way! I agree with Kelly —-keep yuor distance and maybe the teachers need to know what he is doing — hitting people — that is REALLY serious. What if you wrote a letter just like this and gave it to the principal or a teacher privately. They do not want violence in their school either. What if you wrote a letter or poem about how much bullies can hurt ? And gave it to the counsellor to give to him? He doesn't even have to know you did it . I know you are tired and there's a lot going on, but never ever let a bully hit you. .but you need to get folks you trust to help. Flashing you the peace sign and givng you a hug !!! You are brave ! Sheree

  • Kelly

    Sheree what a wonderful piece of advice you gave to Bayla about writing a letter and giving it to the principal to give to the bully. I think that will really make the bully think about what he is doing and how much he is hurting the girls and hopefully put a stop to his unexceptable behaviour!

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