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Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • Matt had insomnia prior to cancer, but once it really took hold he found that he suddenly needed sleeping pills. They've worked like a charm ever since. It's not so much that they make him sleepy, but that they stop his brain from thinking over all the millions of little details and worries that make up a day.

    Thrive, baby! And sleep sleep sleep!

  • Betsy,

    Thanks for following our story and for sharing some of yours. I'm so glad Matt has found the key to sleeping. It's so vital for recovery and for the strong mental attitude these journeys require.

    I had one long sleepless night the day of my diagnosis and one more the night before my first chemo. I also had two steroid-driven sleepless nights.

    This week's sleeplessness was the result of throbbing pain in my toes, heels, insteps, ankles, knees, hips, back, abdomen, head, tongue, teeth, ears and throat. Pain that the sleeping pill was powerless against.

    Luckily, Mark got my some codeine and combined with my sleeping pill I slept really well last night.

    Unfortunately, the codeine also resulted in a morning of barfing.

    Luckily, my pain started subsiding today, my head is starting to clear and I really feel I'm past the worst of it for this round.

    I'm hope, hope, hoping I feel like a human tomorrow.

    Wishing you and Matt heaps of happiness and good health,

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