Angels and Strangers

Two strangers touched my heart this week. One in the real world. One online.

A Real World Stranger

I’d trudged back from school drop-off through icy slush and beneath sombre skies. As I reached my front door a voice called, “Hey, I like your coat.” I turned to find the friendly face of a familiar but unknown neighbour. “I see you striding down the street a few times each week,” he continued, “and your bright yellow jacket always makes me smile.”

That random ray of sunshine just warmed me right up.

I loved to think of myself as “striding”. I loved to think that my sunny coloured coat brought someone a smile. And, above all, I loved to think of my little life rippling out, touching others and bouncing brightly back.

An Online Stranger

Yesterday a stranger sent sunshine by email.

“Dear Andrea and family,” this considerate stranger began, “I have been trying to write for quite awhile now and have to apologize for not doing it before…”

She thanked us for sharing our story, shared her reactions to specific posts and generously divulged the impact of our musings on her own life.

This generous and fairly anonymous gift warmed my heart.

It’s an odd feeling to pour out my thoughts each week and see hundreds of readers dropping by from around the world yet to never know who these readers are, how they found us, how our story impacts them or why they return.

This thoughtful stranger took the time to let me see my little life rippling out, touching hers and bouncing brightly back. And it felt great.

Thank you to these generous strangers for the rippling, bouncing thrill and for reminding me to take the time in my own life to treat others to the same.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

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