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From the Mouth of Bayla #9

When your hair grows back,  it’s really fuzzy, so you might want too keep shaving it until it gets back to normal, or if you really want fuzzy hair then that’s okay but it won’t be very warm.

When you are in chemo, you should try to stay away fron sicknesses because you could get sick and it’s not just ” Oh it’s just a normal day of lying in the bed with the flu, I’ll get over it soon.”, it’s  serious.

Bayla (Now 9!) is the youngest member of the Clan Ross-Blevis. You can read more from Bayla here.

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Bayla Posted by Bayla February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010 at 3:09 pm.

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  • Steve

    I love fuzzy hair. Or, no hair. I remember Andrea's rebellious hair. It flouted the laws of science, physical and social. I loved that, too.