CANCER to fight cancer

I’ve been meaning to do this post for the last few days. Alas, it took being alone in a hotel room in Calgary to finally get around to making good on the idea.

If you walk into our local Kardish bulk and health food store, chances are you’ll be greeted by Ryan, a young staff member who’s immersed himself in learning about healthy eating and the medicinal value of various natural foods, spices and supplements. His greetings are chipper and his service is enthusiastic, usually coming with a detailed explanation of how I happened to select the best version of the product I’m purchasing.

In my most recent visit, Ryan told me about his cancer fighting acronym — CANCER.

  • C – vitamin C
  • A – beta carotene (pro-vitamin A)
  • N – niacin (vitamin B3)
  • C – chlorophyll
  • E – pancreatic enzymes
  • R – red clover (and other red veggies including beets)

Ryan explained that a cancer fighting diet includes all of the above and he plans to include this and other advice in a book he hopes to write — a book that will include recipes for healthy smoothies.

You can follow Ryan’s blog about healthy eating, inspiration and his new bachelor pad at

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