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So three cheers for Mom and Dad!!!


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About Lucy

Lucy (10) is the second youngest member of the Clan Ross-Blevis. You can read more from Lucy here.

  • Bob Goyetche

    I couldn't agree with you more Lucy, your folks are special people. I'm happy to count them among my friends.

  • Isabelle

    Hello Lucy,

    I see you have a new friend in your house! A little dog! What's his name? He is cute! Your parents are the most courageous people I know, indeed. I love them very much. And you are too. You have taken the time to write all the tests and treatments your mother had. I hope I can see you when I cross Ottawa in my big trip to Quebec and France in May… I remember they were very welcoming towards me when I had something very sad happen to me. And they are welcoming when sad things are happening to them, so, I feel that your parents are not only courageous but are also Life Teachers. They are very important in many people's lives. Your mother posted a video about a guy named Robbins– he is a bit much for me– but he said that fulfillment comes with giving of yourself to others. That is what your parents do on a daily basis. This is what I admire of them most. You are doing that too by sharing your thoughts with us and I thank you so very much for doing that. It's gotta be the toughest time of your life…but you are focusing on the positive and that is extremely courageous too. Good thing this comment thingy has spellcheck because I would have made all kinds of mistakes, otherwise…lol I will keep reading, your fervent admirer, Isabelle Michaud (Doctor WhyBrodway's (that's it!!!) wife)

  • Andrea Ross


    You have been brave, understanding, optimistic, independent, flexible, creative and even fun dealing with this huge change in our lives — and you have still managed to enjoy and excel at school, and make and enjoy some fabulous new friendships.

    Thank you for being you.



  • steve

    I agree 100%. So, I will give three cheers:
    Hip-hip…hooray!!! Hip-hip…hooray!!! Hip-hip…hooray!!!

  • Mark

    Thanks, Steve


    Please excuse any brevity and typos — this note was typed by big
    fingers on a tiny iPhone keyboard.

    Andrea Ross — Our Breast Cancer Journey

  • robinbrowne

    You are soooo right about your parents Lucy! (So remember, when this is all over you must make them breakfast in bed every morning and drive Bayla and yourself to school!)
    I just watched the hair cutting party video which shows the amazing ability you all have to turn something potentially negative into an opportunity to connect, laugh, learn – and inspire!

  • Andrea Ross

    Thanks, Steve!

  • Mark

    Mom said it best, Lucy. I'm really looking forward to the end of chemo when we can go out as a family and celebrate everyone's contribution and patience.

    I love you!

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