Chemo Prescriptions Underway: Check √

Today is chemo#5 — and Taxotere#2.

In an effort to beat the week-long agony of the last round, I’m already digging deep into my tickle trunk of prescriptions.

I’m heading into it much better prepared than last time. I treated myself to one of my chemo#4 sleeping pills and enjoyed a full 8 hours of sleep (the steroids prevent sleep).

Let’s hope the rest of these do their jobs just as well and my chemo recovery is awesome.

…Otherwise, Luba will have one long and gruesome March Break.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • Linda

    What a collection of medications! Hope it goes as well as possible today, thinking of you and family.
    Will read the link on your previous post and get back to you. It struck me today that so many women in the my older generation went through this alone, with little information, Doctors of that era did not seem to have time for questions or maybe we just didn't ask and all was also hidden from children….I think it is better this way….. I have an apology to give to an old friend who went through this 20 yrs ago (and is still thriving). I just never knew how hard it was.

  • Thanks, Linda

    I am very reluctant about medications
    Having not slept one second the night before chemo4, a doctor at the
    chemo pod prescribed me sleeping pills. I'd never tried this approach
    and asked about side effects

    He chuckled as he tore off th script and handed it to me saying,
    “after what you just put in your body? This us the least of your

    Thanks again, Linda

    Enjoy your day

    Please excuse any brevity and typos — this note was typed by big
    fingers on a tiny iPhone keyboard.

    Andrea Ross — Our Breast Cancer Journey

  • Hi, Andrea. I didn't even realize you guys had this blog, but I'm so glad I received the latest update via e-mail that alerted me to it. I've been so touched reading all of the posts and as Linda said, I don't think people realize how hard this is for someone to go through. Thanks for educating us and inspiring us and I'm wishing you all the best!

  • Hi Lori,

    Thanks so much for finding us and for taking time to read and to leave your kind wishes.

    WIshing you good health and happiness,

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