Welcome spring

About the only thing that crossed my mind about this spring in September was the sickening feeling of a new cycle of seasons without Andrea. It was the period of limbo between Andrea discovering the lump on August 30 and when we received the diagnosis on October 6 and I had very secular knowledge of cancer at the time, not having learned that breast cancer has a significant survival rate (85-90% after five years).

The mysterious lump in her right breast caused daymares, sleepless nights and the occasional emotional breakdown. I oscillated between hope and despair, regularly unable to shake the fear of impending loneliness.

After only two days, this spring is already the most invigorating and rewarding one I’ve ever experienced. It means even more to me than ever to wake up to the sound of birds and the sight of buds on the trees, the feeling of fresh air and the realization that we’re almost through the worst part of Andrea’s treatment. Most importantly, I’m enjoying the amplified feeling of gratitude that Andrea’s so strong and healthy, and more beautiful than ever. We’re going to grow old together.

Welcome spring. I’m happy to reconnect with you.

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