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Destination Wellness

It’s just me and my pooch this weekend. In a clean, quiet house. Amid cool, overcast, spacious perfection. With enough chinese take-out to get me to Monday. My job is to breath. And get well.

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The millions of things I have to say today are too poisonous. So I won’t.

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Acquiring a Taste for Bittersweet

Apt musings from The Mysterious Benedict Society: “It’s true,” Sticky said. “Everything has been bittersweet.” “Maybe we should acquire a taste for bittersweet,” said Reynie with a grin. “Then everything would feel wonderful.” “That’s stupid,” Constance snipped. “If it felt … Continue reading

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Happy 40th Baby Bro

I miss you.

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Just being is an exertion today. This is not the way I wanted to spend March Break with my lovelies. Thankfully, my beauties are beautiful through and through and spent the morning patiently pampering me in every way. I am … Continue reading

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For Better or For Worse#4 Woohoo!!! March Break!!!

BBBRRRIIIINNNGGG!!!!! goes the school bell on 3:30, Friday, March 11th, 2010; it signifies (much to the delight of the students and teachers at our school) the official beginning of March Break. HOORAY!!!!! Three days later, we have already: slept over … Continue reading

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From the Mouth of Bayla #13: March Break

Mom, lucy and I are reading The Mysterious Benedict Society, we have had a great morning together. We already have our schedule for March Break. Today we will read and play games, tomorrow we will make bath bombs and candles … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

Healing. Eleven days after my First Surgery This gruesome* photo was taken 11 days after my first surgery (Oct. 26, 2009, lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node removal). * don’t click if you’re squeamish Four months after my Second Surgery This … Continue reading

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Pondering Patterns to Peace

Prior to this journey, I had a long-standing, comfortable, mutually supportive, fun, close relationship with exactly one member of my family. My sister, Linda. In Boulder, Colorado. Three thousand kilometres away. That’s one out of 78++ family members: 4 direct … Continue reading

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For whom the bell will toll

When we first learned that chemo was a certainty as part of Andrea’s breast cancer treatment program, it quickly became the beast I feared — more so than the three surgeries Andrea had and the radiation and hormone therapy that … Continue reading

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In the News

Thankfully, breast cancer treatments are constantly evolving and, hopefully, improving. Devoted scientists and doctors are gathering and analyzing the treatment results of today’s patients for the benefit of tomorrow’s. The web can be a very scary place and I usually … Continue reading

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Chemo Prescriptions Underway: Check √

Today is chemo#5 — and Taxotere#2. In an effort to beat the week-long agony of the last round, I’m already digging deep into my tickle trunk of prescriptions. I’m heading into it much better prepared than last time. I treated … Continue reading

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Type “C” Personality?

Thoughts from January Magazine’s interview with Dr. Gabor Maté, author of When The Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress (Knopf Canada, 2004): No personality causes disease. So there’s no cancer personality. However, there are some common traits that, … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Making plans. When the diagnosis hit in October, random, everyday thoughts of the future were immediately and violently squelched by fear and the Big Unknown. It seemed we’d forever lost the luxury of making plans. While I’ve spent much of … Continue reading

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Oncology Update: Q & A

No surrogate at my pre-chemo#5 oncology appointment today. Here’s the scoop: Can I avoid the full week of Taxotere-induced agony this round? If so, how? The answer was pretty much “Not really”. My oncologist entered the room shrugging and saying … Continue reading

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