Ring that Bell – a documentary celebrating Andrea’s last chemo

We created a short documentary video celebrating Andrea’s last fast track bloodwork appointment and breast cancer chemotherapy treatment. The video includes reflections on the six months that got us where we are, the chemo process and the jarring “klunk” of The Bell of Hope.

  • Jay

    That was an awesome documentary guys. Thanks for sharing your last treatment with us all. You look absolutely triumphant throughout, Andrea–that's exactly the image I always have of you. Congratulations!

  • Thank you, Jay!

    You said you'd get me through this … and you're doing it!

  • laurabergen

    That's a fabulous documentary – I love your dance at the end.
    I too was hoping for more with the bell – but the applause from the people around you more than made up for it.


  • Kit

    Let your light guide the way for those around you. Lots of love, Kit

  • andreabeaty


  • Mantolovich

    Great documentary! You're just sparkling with joy, Andrea. 😀 Very uplifting – and of course a big lol at the beginning – 'take a good look, cause it's the laaast time'… and I'm sure it will be. Cheers.

  • The sound of the bell was jarring. We've been laughing about it since we rang it. I had fun picking some embellishing bell sounds for the video.

  • Thank you so much for your continued support, good wishes and energy, Kit. We're looking forward to seeing you this morning.

  • Clink!

  • Thanks, Mary. I keep thinking we should pull together a prize for the person who can find all of our Arrested Development references. There are many. We've also started throwing in the odd Flight of the Conchords, The Office and Groundhog Day references.

  • Isabelle

    Wow…You are beautiful…Still crying…yap.
    That bell really rang out everywhere!
    I loved the documentary: triple awesome. This documentary made me remember my first time listening to you guys…The episode of your outing in the snow, sliding. And Mark reading stories to the kids… Only from listening to you guys, I had “fallen in love” with your beautiful family. Then, I forwarded to Sheila Rodgers.
    I remember the first PAB and her shaved head, she was wearing a hat.
    When I first met you, was it in 2005? you said you didn't like podcasting and now look at you! Then..in 2007…I went to your kitchen and ate awesome cheese with you. Looking at your beautiful house with all the books… your little drawings everywhere… someone had just broken into your house, a few days before, and you were very fearful of leaving the door unlocked. And now, watching you ring the bell… and listening to the beautiful family I fell in love with years ago. Kisses to the 4 of you and especially to you for being so awesome.

  • I'm all farklempt. Re Mark's comments about your sense of self in the middle of the video: isn't it funny that sometimes it takes a giant shitstorm to make you change things the way you really shoulda done anyway?


  • Thank you, Bob!

    I agree completely and hope I can continue on a path of improvement
    sans further trauma

    Thanks for all your support

    Looking forward to celebrating lots with you and Cat soon

  • Thank you, Isabelle.

    I often think of Shelagh Rogers and her shaved head, myself. Her bravely baring her shave head during her keynote back at PAB2006 — that fabulous gathering that inspired me to launch into the podcasting adventure, JOMB and all the genuinely generous and passionate podcasters I've met there and since.

    This year it's me that will be at the front of the PAB audience, bald. I'm forcing myself to do my first ever JOLT! Part of the new, braver me — I hope I don't spend my 5 minute JOLT time weeping. I really hope you and Dr. Why Broadway will be there this year.

    Big hugs to you and all your gang. We're really looking forward to your many visits this spring!

  • I think you will find a few quotes fro Zoolander and Envy too…

  • Rich Michelson

    We've had nothing but rain, rain, cold and more rain recently, but the skies have cleared the the sun has been shining. I think a check of the records will show that the weather changed the moment that bell rang.

    Congratulations Andrea. How wonderful to take a bad situation and turn it into something positive that we can all share. Love to you all, and have a great spring and summer.

    Rich Michelson

  • Thank you, Richard!

    Hoping to see you again soon.

  • Thank you SO much for sharing this with all of us. What a hero you are!

    xo cathi

  • Thank you for taking time to watch and to share your thoughts, Cathi.

    Hoping to see you at PAB2010

    Be well,

  • Tim

    Congratulations and well done on the documentary. That is great to see.

  • Thank you, Tim. And thank you for your support and your shining example.

  • Michael Ain

    I am sending you so much love, and celebration … This video is an amazing testament to your journey, and your strength. Believe me Andrea…the bell may not have clonked loudly… but it's vibes were felt around the world. — “Probably hard to imagine now, but in the future there will be days where you won't need to think about Cancer all day long”… *raises a glass*… L'chiam.

  • Thank you so much for stopping in, Michael, and for your kind comment.

    Hoping to raise a glass in person with you sometime soon.

  • santamargiotta

    I am watching your last day of chemo. You are so right, you feel like it was never going to end. but it did for you and me.. HIPHIPHOORAY!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am watching your last day of chemo. You are so right, you feel like it was never going to end. but it did for you and me.. HIPHIPHOORAY!!!

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