I’ve had a recurring dream throughout this journey.

I’m biking on a remote, rural highway, alone. It’s almost dark. I’m without lights, panier, or even a lock. And I can’t believe I’d set out for some destination more than 200km away without any preparation.

In last night’s version, I was on foot. Still alone, on a darkening, remote, rural highway with no supplies and miles from anywhere.

But this time, I made the scary decision to leave the road for a wooded path.

The path morphed into a university library and the librarian held up a line of complaining clients while drawing me a little map.

He told me the path was frustrating but it should only take me 30-45 minutes.

I’m not making this up.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • steve

    You have boring dreams, no wonder you're up so early. I should invite you into one of mine sometime.
    Hmm, maybe that's how it works: eventless life, TNT dreams; and vice versa.
    Hope you have a great day, though :o)

  • Touché

  • Isabelle

    Wow…what a dream…You wrote it so well, if you wrote a book like that, I would read it. Bisous, bisous. Tu es belle! Embrasse tes enfants et ton grand mari pour moi.

  • CindiS

    I want a patient librarian to draw me a map through my dreams… and he did it while holding up the complaining clients. He needs a cape, too! 🙂 Were you wearing yours (cape) in your dream? you truly are a hero,Ms Ross. What is your superhero name?

  • Merci, Isabelle!

    If a book comes to me in a dream, I will be sure to write it down and sent it to you (and not to Steve)

    Big hugs to you. See you soooon.

  • Ha! Thank you, Cindi. I will need to give that superhero name some thought…

  • Linda W

    I often get a “being lost” dream, or losing something… and mine is more mundane…like lost in a department store, or not finding the right train. For years my common one was chronically not finding my history class at university….all term….and never finding the book either…..yegads! boring, no big medieval battles for me.

  • I have that not finding my university class dream absolutely all the time! Also, not being able to read my university schedule. Not going to the exam. Not doing any of the assignments all term. Or figuring out that I didn't go to the class all term, and then having to suddenly write the exam. What's that about?

    Other common ones for me involve elevators (falling, moving sideways, getting stuck, having to climb down out of), airplanes and boats.

    Prior to this journey, I used to have frustrating recurring dreams where I could only see through a teeny, teeny slit and another theme where no matter how hard I tried, walking was an absolutely huge, huge effort — like dragging myself under water. Gee, I hadn't realized that those two sets had stopped during all this. That must be a really good sign!

    I would definitely prefer any of these to a big medieval battle though!

  • Kelly

    WOW….Andrea your dream is very deep. I feel so much meaning in it….it is your life right now. You are on the highway, on the journey of your life and you have taken a little detour off the main highway to a wooded path (your illness) and as the librarian (maybe doctors, nurses etc…) leads you with the map (while others whine and complain…others= people in your LIFE…) You are told 'it should only take 30-45 minutes'…a smalll detour in your life….a little bump on the highway. 30-45 minutes- a detour=your cancer and treatments. Something 'MAJOR' that has effected your trip and will forever change your course but who is to say if it's better or worse because of the detour? Life is a journey and it's full of hills, bumps, falls and many detours. The strong will survive and you are one of the strongest people I know. So keep on biking, walking, swimming and just make sure you finish the entire course Andrea…if anyone can do it, you can and you don't need the lights, panier, locks, and all the preparation. You have everything you need within, your stregth, your heart, your family and your little map. You will be well Andrea and you are cancer free.

  • Thank you, Kelly, for your beautiful words, for your friendship and all your support. It's meant the world to our family.

    Can't wait to celebrate with you very, very soon!!!

  • Thank you, Kelly, for your beautiful words, for your friendship and all your support. It’s meant the world to our family.nnCan’t wait to celebrate with you very, very soon!!!

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