Okay, Is There A Carbon Monoxide Leak In this House?

I continued to work through the diagnosis, the surgeries and the corresponding recoveries.

I put my head down and powered through the chemo.

Maybe it’s catching up to me now. Or maybe it’s all my recent celebrating, real-life and staying up way past eight.

Whatever the reason, I’m spent.

Procrastination now drags my daily exercise to almost the full day and, due in part to my hole-falling-into experience on Sunday, I’ve had to replace my daily jog with a second leisurely stroll.

But I’m alive.
And healthy.
And happy.

And grateful.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • One thing I've learned from going through the surgery and the radiation and subsequent illness not expected from the treatment (I had Thyroid Cancer) was to not rest. As much as your body is telling you to rest, just get up and take a walk! My treatment was two years ago and I fell terribly ill afterwards. Doctors had zero clue what was wrong with me until it was too late. Too late to treat. I ended up going into atrophy and my muscles have never been the same since. I wish I had gotten up and forced myself to walk and move more than to just hope the next day I would feel strong enough to go! Now it's really rebuilding them, finding a strength within them to remember what they used to be like!
    Good luck feeling better Andrea! Your family is amazingly beautiful and strong for all they've helped you through, and not to mention the helping of themselves.

  • Thank you, Ginny. Bayla gave me similar advice this morning when I was considering staying in bed.

    Wishing you strong muscles, lots of stamina and a vigilant, strong immune system to keep you healthy and happy.

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