For Better or For Worse #8: Terrific Teachers

Have you ever felt like someone really, really really cares?

Well, with our principal and our teachers, we don’t just feel it. We know it.

One day, early on this year (on the day of Mom’s biopsy to be exact) Bayla and I both ended up in the office. After Bayla and her classmate had left, Mme. Watson-Senecal (our principal) kept me in the room for further discussion. I told her that Bayla and I might be stressed because of Mom’s biopsy. Mme. Watson-Senecal and Mme. Flanagan (our vice-principal) were amazingly understanding.

A month later, Mom, Dad, Mme. Watson-Senecal, Mme. Flanagan, Mrs. Dubois, Mme. Morin  and Mme. Pascale were seated in the principal’s office discussing how to best help us with the situation as we patiently but nervously sat outside.

Seven months later, our teachers are still helping us immensely with all these wonderful projects to keep our minds off anything that might bother us.

We feel so thankful for our teachers.

About Lucy

Lucy (10) is the second youngest member of the Clan Ross-Blevis. You can read more from Lucy here.

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