From the Mouth of Bayla #18: My birthday party

In two weeks, we will be celebrating my birthday with my friends even though my birthday is in July.  The reason I am celebrating it in May is that everyone is away in the summer.

Here are some of the activities planned: scavenger hunt outside/inside,”Bunny Trail Dirt*” competition, flashlight tag and other really sweet games.

For dinner we will be having “make your own burrito night” followed by the Bunny Trail Dirt competition. I think we will have many rounds of flashlight tag,  but I think they will be around 9:00 to 12:00 (advice to self: be quiet during the rounds of flashlight tag because there is a preschooler next door and I do not think he wants to be woken up by some noisy best-friend grade threes, THOSE ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!!!!!!!.)

* Bunny Trail Dirt is a mixture of all sorts of candies (eg: rockets, smarties, jellybeans, (gushers if you don’t mind a storm) some pop rocks, brown & white sugar andbits of chopped up cookie.)

About Bayla

Bayla (Now 9!) is the youngest member of the Clan Ross-Blevis. You can read more from Bayla here.

  • Bayla

    Bayla I like Bunny Trail Dirt, (fyi my sister made up Bunny Trail Dirt)

  • Yo Bayla,

    Your May party in celebration of your July birthday is brilliant! I have fond memories of scavenger hunts from my childhood, and especially took pride in finding the live items like turtles and frogs. I remember a sleep-over party at Barbara Smith's house in New Cumberland, PA when I was in grade 5. We stayed up all night and ate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Bazooka Bubblegum and her mom made us a gigantic breakfast of pancakes and bacon before we all went home and crashed.

    I hope your party is fun for you and your friends and that the pre-schooler next door sleeps through the whole enchilada– I mean burrito!

    Happy Birthday!

  • jennifer thibault

    Hi Bayla – I hope you remember me from First Avenue…I was once your daycare teacher! It sounds like you are going to have an awsome birthday party! You and your sister always did have the best parties!
    Keep up the good work at school, and helping out at home – sounds like you are doing a fantastic job with both!
    I miss you girls!
    Take care,

  • Caroline

    Hi Bayla, thanks to you and Lucy and your mom and dad for the wonderful impromptu party on Sunday. We had a blast. And thanks to you & Lucy SO MUCH for the wonderful play, costumes and clothes. The kids performed the play you wrote as soon as they got in the door. The girls wanted to wear the spider and princess costumes the next day, but instead wore all of the clothes you gave them and then changed into new ones in the evening. Today they want to wear the “musical skirts” to choir practice. Big hugs to you & your family.

    Love Caroline, Rosie, Ronnie & Owen

  • Bayla

    Yo Jenny,

    It really wasn't my idea, one of my best friends (who is actually coming to my party) had that idea and I stole it. I invited her in her honor.(Tee hee). I wish I could find live animals for my scavenger hunt too! Your partys sound really awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I actually took my friend's birthday party week end away from her so she moved her birthday party to the week end of June first, her real birthday is June twenty-fourth.


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