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Just when I thought it would never be safe to go back in the kitchen, look what arrived last night — out of the blue:

A review copy of The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery by Rebecca Katz and Mat Edelson.

I am so thrilled, I barely slept.

After seven months of bad food news and giving up favourites, this beautiful and brainy book brings me and my family 150 brand new science-based and scrumptious-looking recipes in more than 200 pages packed full of meaty and easily digested nutritional know-how.

Recipes are indexed by symptoms, from anemia through weight loss. A “Culinary Pharmacy” sings the specific praises of 98 common cancer-fighting foods. Tips for shopping, cooking, storing, reheating and customizing recipes are sprinkled generously throughout. Mouth-watering photos and inviting, informative preambles join prep time, cook time and fascinating facts for each carefully crafted recipe.

Soups, salads, pilafs, roasts, filets and chick pea burgers. Smoothies, salsas, creams, compotes, dips and drizzles. Custards, cookies, puddings and macaroons. All built to build bodies that give bad cells the boot.

Can you see why I couldn’t sleep?

I’ll be lugging this hardcover treasure to radiation, soaking up every word.
And drooling in the waiting room.

Stay tuned…

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You can view a webcast of the Cancer-Fighting Kitchen Workshop online on specific dates in late April. Check the schedule here.

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Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • VERY EXCITING. Can`t wait to hear more!

  • We dove in this morning. Berry smoothies for breakfast and Nana's Egg Salad sandwiches for lunches. Lucy drank both smoothies and loved every bit (it's so tough to get protein into Lucy in the morning, since she turns her nose up to eggs, the flax meal, yogurt and whey powder in the smoothies snuck the protein in). I have a feeling the egg sandwiches will be coming home tonight though…

  • Jay

    Yum. Sounds fabulous. I love getting new cookbooks. It sounds like this is the perfect one that came at precisely the right time.

  • Great to read that you are a fan of this cookbook too!! I borrowed it from the library – it was recommended by a friend. Love it – just made a lentil salad from this cookbook on Saturday. I also joined their FB fan page where they post great links about healthy eating and healing with food.

  • Ya, I love it. We made the lentil salad last week too Yum!

    It thrills me to know that the delicious new recipes are all helping fight cancer.

  • Ya, I love it. We made the lentil salad last week too Yum!nnIt thrills me to know that the delicious new recipes are all helping fight cancer.

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