Happiness Is…

Psychosocial Oncology.

Again and again I’ve been bowled over with gratitude for the skillful and compassionate nurses, technicians and physicians who have cared for me during this journey…

As I’ve been rolled in and out of surgeries, cared for in recovery rooms, carefully injected with chemo and positioned to the millimeter for radiation.

And for the health care system that has foot the bill.

But some of the most spectacular, gratitude-invoking work to date happened last Friday.

I arrived at the hospital cracked open with despair and found my way to Psychosocial Oncology. I cried uncontrollably as I awaited an initial, impromptu meeting with a social worker. I was barely coherent as I unloaded my long list of troubles to the patient, level-headed young health worker who had generously squeezed me into her day.

And somehow, she put me together again.

She listened, she made notes, she spoke gently and logically. She divided my troubles into chunks and assured me we’d work each chunk, together.

And I was able to go on.

With immense gratitude.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • bobledrew

    And this is why I will continue to get really fricking cranky with people who shit all over our health care system. Perfect? Nope. Really great? Most of the time. Better than most alternatives? I'm thinking yes.

  • We are so amazingly lucky for the health care system we have. When we started this journey I was concerned from all of the stories we've heard over the years about long waits, cantankerous hospital workers, bureaucracy, etc… Like you, I've been completely impressed by the speed, care and concern of the health care system.

    I'm grateful for your latest discovery: the amazing social worker.

  • Sage Tyrtle

    One moment of kindness can have such a profound effect on someone else’s life. What a wonderful social worker. Thinking of you, Andrea.

  • Caroline

    So glad you are feeling better supported, so inspired that you turned around a tough week and had a great celebration with your family. You are so patient and strong!

  • Republicans down here would be very disappointed by this wonderful story. They've been brainwashing us to think Canadian health care sucks;)

    I'm thrilled that you landed in the hands of a thoughtful and capable professional.



  • Thank you, Tim.

    Nice to think of disappointing the anti-health-care bunch.

  • Thank you, Caroline, for your ear, your encouragement and your nudge.

  • So true. Thank you, Sage. I'll be missing you at PAB but hope to see you sometime soon.

  • Awesome and free? yup.

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