Our Little Duck Died

Our beautiful little duckling has died.

During his examination at the Wild Bird Care Centre last night, it became obvious he was injured beyond repair (he was likely hit by a bike).

The caregivers aborted the exam. They gave him medication to ease his pain.

He died overnight.

Poor sweet little thing.

It’s hard to know if I did the right thing.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • absolutely you did the right thing. You saw distress and helped.

    That the help didn't ultimately lead to long-term survival in no way diminishes your efforts/intents.

  • bobledrew

    #1: Assuming the duck would have died on the ground or drowned, there's no net loss here. The duckling died.

    #2: Did you follow your heart? Did you feel like you were doing the right thing? Then you probably were.

  • Oh Andrea, I'm so so sorry. I think you did do the right thing. You helped give him a chance. You helped.

    It's more than most people would do.

  • Caroline

    Of course you did! xoxox

  • Sylvester was lucky to have connected with you, sweetie! Rather than suffer alone, Sylvester had the opportunity to experience love, care and the company of three very special people in his final day. And, we were lucky to have spent the time with him.

  • Barbara

    Absolutely you did the right thing. While he couldn't be saved, he was given medication to ease his pain. He didn't suffer. Because of you. I think that's pretty awesome.

  • Lori-Ann

    Oh no! Poor little duck. nnYes! You definitely did the right thing. I’m certain you all were a bright spot in the little duck’s life. nnI once found an albino squirrel dying on the pavement by my chiropractor’s office. I went to get gloves from his receptionist who helped me to take it to the vet a couple of doors down. They were able to ease the pain and suffering of this little guy. I’m glad I saw him. n

  • Dear Andrea, what more can a person do !! I am reminded of the saying, “Hands that help are even holier than lips that pray.” Now, Sylvester also was fortunate to experience your kindness. If not for you, he would have drowned, and suffered badly in his passing. How invaluable you help was !!

  • Bob, Bob, Ginny, Caroline, Mark, Sriram, Barbara, Lori-Ann,
    Thank you all so much for your kind words.

    Warm hugs to each of you.


  • Four special people!!
    thanks, sweet.

  • Nancy

    Most people, myself included, fear dying alone. Sylvester's life did not end in that way. Rather, because you noticed, stopped and stretched your own heart out to pick him up out of the water, he was touched by the love of many people and his others of his feathered kind at the sanctuary. How could that be wrong?

  • whitneyhoffman

    It's always the right thing to try to help. Always.

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