Today I will smile and feel gooood!

Andrea received an inspiring and completely unexpected package, today — two pairs of brightly coloured socks with the message “Today I will smile and feel gooood!” With them, was a note (I’ve added links for convenience)…

Dear Andrea,

Please accept these uplifting socks from us — your approach + outlook is inspiring!! MegzyTred on Flickr told us about your great blog + that socks can make a hospital visit a little bit brighter so we wanted to help

Wishing you strength, smiles + health!

Rich + Tom
Socks for Happy People

It’s so nice to know that Andrea has such an impact on people, that they recognize how inspiring her authenticity and transparency is and want to share some good cheer of their own. Wow!

Thank you MegzyTred, Rick and Tom. I know I didn’t have to blog about you and your gesture, but I did. Knowing that Andrea has such a far reaching impact made me smile and feel gooood!

  • Dear Andrea, very great gesture !! What goes around comes around. I am reminded of all the colourful pillow-covers you, Mark and LuBa gifted your friends. And not just pillow-covers – even pyjamas, etc. which you stitched lovingly for your loved ones. What a wonderful event, Andrea !! The blog has touched so many lives. Have a great day.

  • Thank you for your kindness, Sriram!

  • Hey : )

    We're glad they arrived safely, and that the small gift helped bring about positive feeling in you too Mark.

    It's so nice of you to acknowledge Megzy's idea with a post – I know she'll feel gooood seeing it.

    We'll keep checking in the follow this inspiring journey. And also I thought I'd leave you a link to a related company we've started working with called 'Feel Good Gowns' – I think it's a really great idea and one you may well appreciate:

    Rich : )

  • It was a wonderful day when I found Andrea's photographs on flickr, and was able to share them with Tom and Rich of Socks For Happy People. I must admit that although I'm a terrible, truly horrible, blog commentator, and I'm a much better lurker and listener… when I am having a bad moment or life seems too heavy to move off my shoulders, your blog gives me fresh perspective and a smile when I needed one. I love your family's strength, humor, and tenacity. 🙂 also… we mourned for Sylvester. My little girls are 8 and 6 and they were very sad and moved by your duckling.
    much love,
    Megzy 🙂
    p.s. and Yes! your post made me feel goooooood today! 🙂

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