Thank You

Today’s my first full day of freedom.

No needles. No zaps. No waiting rooms. No tests.
Looming or current.

When I discovered that lump, way back in August, I couldn’t have dreamed what lay ahead.

When I heard my diagnosis, way back in October, I couldn’t have dreamed what lay ahead.

I’ve had my share of bad and good news this year.

Sharing with you has brightened both.

Thank you for getting me through the bad.
Thank you for being and celebrating the good.

I still can’t dream what lies ahead. But with the support you’ve given me I’m striding towards it.

Thank you.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • Jay

    Well said, Andrea. Thank you for sharing your experiences so openly and eloquently with us on this blog. I always love reading your posts.

  • Thank YOU for being so strong in mind and body, for sharing and for being an inspiration. Thank YOU for letting me be part of your journey and life. Thank YOU for being YOU.

    I love you!

  • steve


  • Ginny

    Thank you for all you've shared, your inspiration, your strength, and your raw honesty. Congratulations on your first days of freedom!!

  • Linda W

    I appreciate all you have shared , how the procedures work, research, reality , feelings, reactions , disappointments, hope and joys. I and am sure this blog will inspire and help others going through this. I also liked the comments from people who contributed from their personal perspectives.

  • Dear Andrea,

    You've been a gracious teacher to all of us, a willing role model for positive living, and a remarkably honest and authentic journalist. It is us who owe you thanks. You've transformed our lives by giving us the gift of yourself; uncensored, and with a full-open heart.

    Thank you, Andrea; thank you.

  • Dear Andrea, Great to realize that the treatment is done. Now on to full and speedy recovery. Praying that the journey henceforth is happy, painless and full of love and joy. This blog is an inspiration. Not a day passes without visiting it first thing in the morning. Thanks to you and Mark for conceiving this idea of a blog for sharing your journey. You never know how many lives you have touched and inspired.

  • Anonymous

    Happy, happy day! Congratulations and welcome to the other side – a vibrant, joyous time!

  • Lori-Ann

    Andrea thank-you so much for sharing your journey and being an inspiration to others. nnI’m so excited about this next stage of your journey and I pray that it will be filled with many happy days and joyous moments!nnThank-you for being my hero!

  • Caroline

    Way to go andrea. Good things lie ahead, and you deserve it!!!!!

  • Laura Bergen

    Wow – everyone else has conveyed my thoughts much more eloquently than I could have.

    Thank you for being so open and allowing us to be part of your journey and congratulation on the freedom!

  • Thank you all for listening, for being there, for your words of encouragement throughout this portion of our journey. I am so, so thankful for your friendship and support.

    Be well and be happy,

  • Esme

    Thank YOU, Andrea, for surviving! You are an amazing woman, inspiring so much optimism and hope.

  • Brenda Coffee

    Bravo! So glad this part of your journey is behind you. The weeks and months ahead will find you stronger, feeling more energetic and like you're in control of your life, again.
    Brenda Coffee

  • Brenda Coffee

    Bravo! So glad this part of your journey is behind you. The weeks and months ahead will find you stronger, feeling more energetic and like you’re in control of your life, again.nBest,nBrenda

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