Last week, I invited you to join me in my effort to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation by sponsoring me here.

In the 8 days since, you’ve raised over $2000!

Huge, huge thank yous to:

Barbara Reid-Crysler
Geoffrey Butler
Bert and Rhoda Blevis
Armeda Vanderwoude
Wilf and Barb Clavette
Clare Rogers
Denise Doyen
Garry and Kathi Tysick
Stephanie Calmenson and Mark Goldman
Carol Heyer
Diane Greenseid
Cathy Arneson
Nancy Pevey
Lane Smith and Molly Leach
William Flanagan
Orit Fruchtman
Diane DeGroat
Sally Ito
Hugh Brewster
Paul Zelinsky
Tania Carriere & Gerry Gaetz
Marla Frazee
The Sinanan Family
Carol Grannick
Coreen Corcoran
Rich Cantrell
Patricia Kahn
Sriram Venkatarman
Stacey MacNevin
Ebony Haywood
Joan Buzick
Tanglewood Books
Mary Antolovich
Jay Schmidt
Daniele Rossi
The Bonsall/Small Family
Joanne Lennon
Greg & Andree O’Donnell
Betti Stiff
Cher & Mo Willems
The Giassa/Whammond Family
Whitney and John Hoffman

You rock!!

What generosity will the remaining 68 days of sponsorship bring?

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • janice

    Hey Andrea;

    You look AWESOME bald. Remember when you dyed your hair bright red, in Fort MacMurray? This is Janice. We first met in Fort Mac and then I moved to Ottawa in 1990, for a few months after I was back from somewhere.

    I have looked for you a few times over the years, and what a surprise to see your video on PAB1010 – I found it on the Sturrup Queens website. WOW. Where are your podcasts?

    So, you came down and met my baby in Toronto – I still have a Teddy Bear you gave her. My baby is now 17 and graduated and leaving home. I am still in Calgary, you are in Ottawa – it looks like.

    So sorry you are dealing with the breast cancer, but you have a great attitude. I will send you my shaved head photos. Now I am going to run for the cure, for sure – they have that race in Calgary, too. We are running Melissa's this year (a Banff race) for Eva, a friend we lost to cancer. She used to run with us.

    Sending lots of love to you and your family.


  • Wow! Wild to hear from you after all these years! Thanks so much for your kind wishes.

    My hair was fuscia, btw!

  • I believe we met in Ft. Mac in 1984….. wow.

  • janice

    fuscia – sorry – did I say bright red? That almost sounds like it could be a natural colour. I can picture the colour, but I can't describe it in one word – well now I can.

    I have been crying all afternoon – I have had a lot to grieve lately and been unable to cry, now the dam has burst. I am crying for the beautiful articulate woman you always were, but you seem to be able to embrace her now, with love. (I am also crying for the pain and sorrow caused by your cancer and that of my friends, and I am crying all the tears I have not been able shed over my beautiful daughter growing up and leaving home).

    Good thing I had not much to do this afternoon – I have been pouring over your stuff – this blog, the book blog, PAB, Mark's blog. Getting caught up with your story. I remember you met a guy on a date with another guy – maybe the last time I talked to you. That must be Mark. I remember your parents being a little strange – but WOW!

    My prayers, love, thoughts and tears are heading your way. I will be running on October 3 – not sure where. Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa?

  • Janice,

    I'm sorry to play a part in your sad afternoon. I am glad you found us though.

    Your contact has stirred up all kinds of great memories for me. Our cycling in Ft. Mac, our wild weekend with some soccer team, our four months of craziness in Ottawa, skiing, Hallowe'ening, “celebrating”, lots of breakfasts and walks along James St and McLeod.

    Carefree youth!

    Did you see I'm still enjoying that gorgeous sweater you gave me?

    Yes, it was Mark that I met while on a date with another guy! Lucky me!

    I'm so glad we've reconnected. Looking forward to sharing laughs with you again in the future.


  • janice

    LOVE that sweater. I noticed it yesterday and thought it looked familiar. I guess I bought that for you in Ecuador.

    It wasn't really a sad afternoon – tears and laughter are very close, as are joy and sorrow. I am so happy for you, with your lovely family, and AMAZING just one more book project. And dealing with your demons from the past, with such triumph. So tears and joy for you, and for myself.

    I have been running the full gamut of emotions, with my daughter leaving. I am so proud of her to have the independence and confidence to plan and apply for school, res, student financing, and set up all she needs to go to school. I am sad and happy for me. Happy that I have completed this stage of parenting with such a great kid, and sad I won't live with her any more.

    All kinds of memories are rushing through my brain, thinking of you. So much laughter. Remember when I wrote you a letter (on paper – imagine that!) and told you I was pregnant, and you read through it all the way, expecting me to say I was just joking. That still makes me laugh. And all the time in Ottawa with Projestic, and our company ski trip. Peanut butter on bagels in the Glebe, Saturday mornings. All these years I have thought about you whenever I put peanut butter on a bagel.

    Angus is the name of the bear you gave Alison, when she was a baby. He sits atop a book case in my room. I used to think 'Where is Andrea' when I noticed him. Now I am thinking ' Love, light, healing for Andrea and her family', when I glance up there. He used to have a green tartan ribbon and my friend from Scotland named him Angus and he spoke in a Scottish accent. He nearly emigrated to Mexico, at one point, but then we found him by the pool, and brought him back home. He has also been to England, the Netherlands and Ireland. I shall see if I can find photos.

    Too bad I didn't know Mark when he was in Calgary – could have met him for coffee. You guys should come visit. I have a too-big house now, and a great yard, and you could take the girls to the mountains. We are not as urban as you (LOVE what I see of your house, and location) but we can walk to coffee, restaurants, pubs, farmers market and the river. We can't skate, but we can float down the river, in the summer.

    Looking forward to more laughter. Angus says hi. Tell Mark I love his blog – the bits I have read.

    Love Janice

  • Oh, Janice! Your joy, your sorrow, your kindness and the warm memories you are reviving are making me bawl.

    Who knew where memories of ourselves would go as we blindly trudged forward? Thank you for sharing a story of your memories of me with me.

    I wish you and Allison both loads of good luck, happy memories, great health and joy as you head into this next exciting chapter. Congratulations on raising a strong, independent, capable daughter. I can't imagine your mixed feelings at this time — I just hope one day to be lucky enough to enjoy the same.

    I was lucky to have read about your lovely, strong, capable daughter and her new chapter while my two lovelies were cozy-close and a few years away from the same. Even so, I bawled. This is my first time home with Lucy and Bayla since Bayla was born, nine years ago. Time has flown and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do absolutely nothing but be with them.

    We just may take you up on your Calgary offer. I suddenly remember our visit to Edmonton — my first experience with Greek food, halva and throwing of glasses into the fire.

    As for peanut-butter bagels in the Glebe, I was still blissfully doing that on a regular basis here at home until I discovered the cancer-causing tendencies of peanut-butter and white-flour! D'oh!

    Here's to lots more laughter.

    ps. will need to scour the house for photos of our adventures to share with Luba and Mark…

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