From the Mouth of Bayla # 28 : a summer of reading

This summer we have read:

  • If You’re Reading this it’s too Late
  • Manolito Four Eyes #1
  • Manolito Four Eyes #2
  • Manolito Four Eyes #3
  • Leo and the Lesser Lion
  • Holes
  • The Unearthly Asylum
  • Sara Book #1
  • Sara Book #2
  • Elijah of Buxton
  • Zombiekins
  • Kenny and the Dragon
  • The Higher Power of Lucky
  • After Hamelin

I really liked all of them but I have to say that After Hamelin was one of my  top favourites. I think you should read them.

About Bayla

Bayla (Now 9!) is the youngest member of the Clan Ross-Blevis. You can read more from Bayla here.

  • I loved reading these with you this summer, Bayla.nnThey were all great. If I had to pick, my favourites were tied: “After Hamelin”, “Elijah of Buxton” and “Leo and the Lesser Lion”.nnLots more great reading ahead!!

  • Bayla

    thank you, mom!! If I had to choose, those would be my favourites too!!

  • Bayla Ross-Blevis

    thank you!!

  • Bayla, Some of my favorite inspirational reading this past year came from Bayla, Lucy, Andrea, and Mark. Thank you Ross-Belvis family for opening your hearts and sharing your lives with us as Andrea became a breast cancer survivor! From your #1 fan in San Antonio Texas, a cancer survivor, and a supporter of Relay for Life. Good luck to all in the CIBC Run.rnAndrea, it may be time for a children’s book: Just One More Book to One More Survivor

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