All is well

I’m just back from my first post-treatment mammogram and ultrasound.

And all is well. Woooohooooo!!

I learned a lot today:

  • That I have two staples in my right breast (!).
  • That my enlarged right breast may be a delayed reaction of radiation (?).
  • That the constant snapping of photos during the ultrasound is not necessarily a bad sign.
  • That no matter how unbelievably terrified I am during the tests, all the terror can be wiped away in an instant by a happy, happy result.

Happy, happy day!

Thank you to everyone whose good wishes got me through this week and to this happy, happy result.


About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • Natalie

    Woooohooo! Yay Babe!rnxo rnNat

  • Brenderwaters

    Hi Andrea and Mark – i am THRILLED by your results! Laura filled me in on this news this morning and I’ve been fretting about you all day (worrying is my specialty!). thanks for posting this news so quickly. Have a GREAT week and see you soon, Anne-Marie

  • Andrea,rnHugs and High Five for you and the entire family!!!!!

  • Awesome!! Thanks for sharing! nnThis made my day

  • Ginny

    Two staples! Um, are they permanent!? ;)nnThis is great news, Andrea (minus the staples!).

  • steve

    rice & beans… and fantastic NEWS!

  • Thank you Gracious God! We share in your good news out here in Seattle, Andrea! Wooohooo!

  • Jay

    Hurrah! I’m so so thrilled to hear your fabulous news. Awesome. I love your happy celebratory picture.

  • Bergen Laura

    I have never been happier to see a title to a post. Big hugs and I’m toasting you right back.nnxo

  • Dear Andrea, relieved to know this. Thank God. In fact, when reading your post last week, the beautiful song from the Hindi movie “3 Idiots” was playing in my mind – “All is Well” 🙂 It is the lead character’s way of reassuring himself during trying times. Now, indeed, All izz Well.

    Oh, by the way, great minds think alike !! (that is, your post title and the song playing in my mind that day, he..he..)

  • mantolovich

    Awesome!! Congratulations Andrea! 😀 Cheers!rnxoxo

  • Caroline

    I am not surprised but very relieved that you are no longer worrying about this. Here’s to continued good results until we are very old and our hearts are worn out from too much happiness. Remember, I am relying on you my friend to grow old with me so that we can laugh in the sunshine with our grandchildren, drink and eat and be merry, and help each other get our support hose back to our knees when they roll down to our ankles. Much love.

  • Dear Natalie, Barb, Anne-Marie, Rich, Bob, Ginny, Steve, Jenny, Jay, Sriram, Mary, Caroline,nnThank you for your good good vibes and for celebrating right along with us! nI am thrilled to be healthynI am humbled and honoured to have fabulous fabulous friends like you.nnEnjoy this beautiful day, however you choose to spend it.nEnjoy each breath.nnI sure will!nnLots of love to all of you!nAndreanxoxox

  • Gbialecki1295

    Congratulations Andrea!! So happy to hear the good news! Love Tracy xoxo

  • Coasterkim

    Great news! Time to celebrate!

  • Lori-Ann, Olivia & Curtis

    Congratulations Andrea!!! That is excellent news!nnWe are very happy for you!nnLove & Best WishesnnLori-Ann, Olivia & Curtis

  • janice

    AWESOME!!!! Wow, staples. who knew?

  • Andreeodonnell

    We are so happy for you and your family. Thanks for making us appreciate all moments in life…have a great day, week, month, year, and so on. 😉

  • jennifer thibault

    Fantastic news!! I’ve been thinking about you today…delightful~

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