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Marry me!

Due to the generosity of my parents, our two daughters had 24 hours without their parents. They had a great time swimming, going out to see a movie and (perhaps most importantly for them) no household responsibilities. Of course, it … Continue reading

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Free to a good home

My massive hypochondria. Despite earnest warnings by a wide range of survivors, I truly never dreamed for a minute that I’d be constantly terrified by worries of recurrence. I didn’t even want to finish chemo. I toyed with skipping radiation. … Continue reading

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Small price to pay for self-esteem, Michael

Not counting this My last haircut was immediately after this photo was taken. Two hours after my diagnosis. Many are the times, in the 14 months since then, I had the urge to pop into the salon and give myself … Continue reading

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Nothing On The Inside

Ding! Dong! My port-a-cath is gone! Unlike my solo insertion day, today’s happy occasion was a family affair. And, despite my squeamish worries, I co-operated fully during the local-anaesthetic-only procedure — I didn’t once faint or kick or flail around. … Continue reading

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How A Sitcom Saved My Life

Today was my first Toastmasters speech. My icebreaker, if you will. The goal was to introduce myself to the group…. Now the story of how a sitcom saved my life. When I was a kid, there was no need for … Continue reading

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Say Good Bye To This

Take a good look, ’cause it’s the last time…

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Share a Story

I learned early in this journey that the aggressivness of breast cancer and its spectrum of treatments is dependent upon many factors: The age and pre/post menopause status of the woman. The size, location, estrogen receptor status, progesterone receptor status and … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

If Briefly. December 1, 2010 has been designated as Canadian National Day of Dusting Off Old Podcasts. Our sorely neglected podcast has been sitting dormant for 14 months now. I miss it. Mark misses it. Lucy and Bayla miss … Continue reading

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I’ll be there. Will you?

Calling all creators — anyone who cooks, sews, knits, produces, paints, writes, designs, composes, sculpts, photographs,… The first ever CreatorCamp is taking place in Ottawa in exactly three weeks. CreatorCamp has one organizing principle… sessions MUST be about creating something … Continue reading

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What goes down…

Two weeks ago today, I silently imploded during a simple 2 minute Toastmasters role. Today, I won best impromptu speech. Valleys are sudden and they feel deeper than they are. I need to remember that.

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I’m extremely grateful to be alive and healthy. But boy are things frustrating me this week. Finances. Time pressures. And a whole slew of thorn-in-my-side people. Calgon take me away.

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Happiness Is..

Healing Time. A year ago today was my second cancer surgery (complete axillary lymph node removal). I wish I’d known, going into those surgeries, that my right arm and upper body would be permanently damaged. And I sure wish I’d … Continue reading

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From the Mouth of Bayla: Anti-Cancer Yumm!!

Yesterday, Lucy, Mom, Dad and I recived a GREAT gift. It was sprouted lentil and burdock soup with miso, burdock root tea, black kale chips, apple crisp, raspberry blueberry banana and chia pudding, marinated red cabbage, raw curried carrot soup, … Continue reading

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A Snap, A Slap and One Last Flush

Today was my final trip to the chemo unit — for one last port-a-cath flush. To mark the momentous occasion, I snapped this photo. Then that one. “Mrs. Ross,” someone called. I assumed it was time for my flush. But … Continue reading

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What have we always said is the most important thing?

This week, I spent two luxurious days in my first hometown — gabbing and gobbling with my lost and found cousin, Kelly. During our wonderfully relaxing and restorative weekend, we wandered through pockets of memories from my childhood, my adolescence, … Continue reading

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