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From the Mouth of Bayla: Anti-Cancer Yumm!!

Yesterday, Lucy, Mom, Dad and I recived a GREAT gift.

It was sprouted lentil and burdock soup with miso, burdock root tea, black kale chips, apple crisp, raspberry blueberry banana and chia pudding, marinated red cabbage, raw curried carrot soup, raw dehydrated broccoli and pineapple salad, raw marinated mushroom and parsley salad and avocado sprout and millet sushi.YUUMMM!!!!

We would like to thank you for making the delicious anti-cancer food for us, Candice Bernes !!!!!!!

Note from Mom:
More about Candice Bernes and her healthy personal chef services at KitchenMambo.com

Bayla (Now 9!) is the youngest member of the Clan Ross-Blevis. You can read more from Bayla here.

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Bayla Posted by Bayla November 13, 2010

November 13, 2010 at 1:41 pm.


  • http://www.markblevis.com Mark

    What an amazing treat, eh Bayla? Thanks for your post.

  • http://www.WeCanRebuildHer.com Andrea Ross

    I agree. How lucky are we??My personal favourites are the stew, the sushi, the chia pudding and the apple dessert. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm!!My fantasy wish-list now includes weekly delivery of healthy, scrumptious KitchenMambo.com meals and weekly delivery of awesome ButterflySky.com wheat grass.I hope Santa is listening…

  • http://www.kitchenmambo.com Kitchenmambo

    Thanks Bayla! Do YOU have any requests???

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