BUY Klonopin ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Ding. Dong, purchase Klonopin online no prescription. Buy Klonopin no prescription, My port-a-cath is gone.

Unlike my solo insertion day, Klonopin from canadian pharmacy, Buy Klonopin from canada, today's happy occasion was a family affair.

And, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, Australia, uk, us, usa, despite my squeamish worries, I co-operated fully during the local-anaesthetic-only procedure -- I didn't once faint or kick or flail around, buy Klonopin from canada. Buy Klonopin without prescription, I must admit, though, buy cheap Klonopin, Købe Klonopin online, αγοράζουν online Klonopin, I was highly unprepared for:

  • the pre-incision warning that there was a chance removal of the port would be impossible

  • the Interventional Radiologist's struggle to dig and pry and snip it out

But it did come out and it's all done but the 6day shower-free healing.

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About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • Mark

    They went in there Dr. Stein style.

  • Jenny Sinanan

    So glad the bugger is out. Congratulations on all the courageous steps you took to get to this day, Andrea.

  • Jay

    Congratulations! You did it. Nice work dealing with everything in the removal process!

  • janice

    Now EVERYTHING cancer is gone. Except the scars, emotional and physical. And the love and emotional growth!!

  • Sheree Fitch


  • Anonymous

    Congrats! Big day!

  • Andrea Ross

    Thank you, Emly. One day very soon you’ll barely be able to believe you were bald — or that you had that thing in your chest.n I’m sending you vibes for good health and happiness. nn

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  • Katie Muncie

    Oh my I had no idea that they might not be able to get them out. I’ve had mine in for 2 years now and it has been unused for 8 months but I’m too scared to let it go. I have these strange disease that hardens my skin (scleroderma) so the port is the only way to take and receive blood so I’m really not sure when I will be told its time to take it out. nnI underwent a Stem Cell Transplant and 6 months of Cytoxan Chemotherapy and the port was my best friend, I also had a vas cath put in my neck for the Stem Cell Transplant and I cannot tell you enough how much I love those things. nnIts so odd, I feel it there and its so visible so I really dislike it but its saved me so much pain that I have this fear of loosing it. Maybe its because I don’t know what the future holds. nnI think I have about the same amount of hair as you! I’m at around 2 inches of hair growth but I got curly chemo hair! I used to have dead straight hair.nnWishing you well!nnI love your blog and yes I’m one of those silent readers.

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