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Thank you, 2010

I absolutely adored 2010. We were healthy, happy and together. We had loads to celebrate. And we celebrated often. Yet, reflecting on the year, this morning, I was shocked at its rockiness. Where reactions and reconnections reigned 2009, 2010 was … Continue reading

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From the Mouth of Bayla # 31 : Christmas

OK.Where should I start? I’ll start with Christmas eve.You can’t belive how many presents were on the coffee table! Some of them even hid the tree! (we had a rosemary bush.) Dad got bed sheets, books, tea, candy and an … Continue reading

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Hey, Hermano

The bannister above our stairs is home to our broken clothes. Lonely garments linger there awaiting a two-minute zip on my sewing machine — collecting dust and, often, being outgrown. I’d rather sew three new outfits than grab those wounded … Continue reading

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Happy anniversary,

This past October marked the beginning of catalogue of anniversaries in our journey through Andrea’s cancer treatment program. At one point I’d worried the anniversaries would be hard and emotional. It turns out they’re rewarding and invigorating because of Andrea’s … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

Luxurious laziness. We’ve been lounging in our PJs, eating, drinking, sleeping, reading, playing games and thoroughly enjoying our good health and our schedule-free, care-free days of fallow. Hoping your holiday has been and continues to be filled with happiness,  good … Continue reading

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Glad I Grabbed That Brownish Area By Its Points

Fifteen years ago today, my dream life began. It was a Christmas party in the suburbs. Both of us invited by total fluke. He was a gangly young guy with a patchy beard, a grass green sweater and an ear-to-ear … Continue reading

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All is well. The doctor assures me that the lumps are absolutely no problem at all. She has a number of theories involving muscle, tendon, scar tissue etc and has ordered an ultrasound, just to be safe. Yahoooooooooooo!!!!! Yes, I’m … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

The Kindness of Strangers. One year ago today, I started chemo. Days before — in anticipation of my hairless winter — Lucy, Bayla and I had combed the annual Originals Christmas Craft Fair in search of a funky chemo cap. … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Relaxation. School’s out until January. Ahhhh…..

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Mouthy Me

I’m very honoured to have been included in a powerful discussion of fear, confidence and self-esteem on this week’s edition of my friend Daniele Rossi’s fabulous podcast, Stuttering Is Cool. It’s an hour long program entitled If I Didn’t Stutter I’d Be Able To… … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Good Friends and, as it turns out, Hooping. When those lumps came to light on Friday, I spun into a vortex of terror. I wandered like a distracted zombie for the better part of four days. Sharing my worries here … Continue reading

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I hold my head erect…

The nurse says the lumps sound like lymph nodes. My oncologist will take a look at 9:30 next Tuesday. Seven more days. A situation with no Arrested Development quote. Tada.

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Limerick Therapy #3

A survivor, just thrilled to be here, struggles daily against pain and fear. While she tries not to whine, strings of lumps in a line and frustration destroy her veneer.

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How much is a banana? Ten dollars?

Andrea happened to notice the unit price on the product tag for some goat cheese we were purchasing at our local grocery story. I took the picture the way I did to let your imagination run wild on how small … Continue reading

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Healing Vibes

Please join me in sending healing vibes to my dear friend. This morning, for a smooth, completely successful surgery. And in the coming weeks, for a swift, smooth and complete recovery. Thinking of you, my friend. xo

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