We Can Rebuild Her
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Good Friends and, as it turns out,

When those lumps came to light on Friday, I spun into a vortex of terror. Order Seroquel online c.o.d, I wandered like a distracted zombie for the better part of four days.

Sharing my worries here and in real-life has lightened my load but the real sand-blasting of my buzzing brain was thanks to an introductory hooping class, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina. Buy Seroquel no prescription, My spatial ineptitude and lack of co-ordination meant my entire mind was focused on a festooned hoop.

No stabbing cancer scenarios for one solid hour, Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas.

And I've felt fairly human since, BUY Seroquel ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Seroquel 5mg, A drained, dull and distracted human, El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington. Where can i buy cheapest Seroquel online, But a human.

Thank you to Andree for your friendship and for the class, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, And thanks to the many friends whose kind words and deeds are helping us through this scary limbo.

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More Happiness here.

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Andrea Posted by Andrea December 16, 2010

December 16, 2010 at 8:12 pm.


  • Anonymous

    I know, I know, it’s Hawaii next vacation (holiday). You’ll have the sveltest waist in Canada. Well done.

  • Andree O’Donnell

    So glad I could help. Can’t wait to hear the good news on Tuesday. I will be spinning happy thoughts out to you from my hoop this weekend.

  • Andree O’Donnell

    So glad I could help. Can’t wait to hear the good news on Tuesday. I will be spinning happy thoughts out to you from my hoop this weekend.

  • Sophie

    Andrea, nI’m so touched. I know that hooping and poi have some dramatically amazing effects on my life/state of mind/health, and while teaching I try try share my experience of it all, but each student takes something different from it all. When I hear positive feedback like that it is so encouraging! I feel the same that during that one hour you can get into the grove and nothing else exits for the hooper but the hooper and the hoop.nnThanks for posting, hope to see you at the next class in January…nnSophie

  • http://www.WeCanRebuildHer.com Andrea Ross

    Thank you, Sophie. I’ve signed up for the beginner class in January.

  • http://www.WeCanRebuildHer.com Andrea Ross

    Thank you, Andreen

  • http://www.WeCanRebuildHer.com Andrea Ross


  • http://www.WeCanRebuildHer.com Andrea Ross

    Speaking of awesome excercise experiences, here’s where I was supposed to be on Friday night, when, instead, I was home discovering lumps. At my friend Natalie‘s Funky Ashtunga Yoga Madonna Night.nnNatalie treated me to one of these evenings of disco-balls, twinkly lights, loud Madonna music of my youth and an hour and a half of Ashtunga yoga a few weeks ago. And it rocked.nnI’m going to be happy and healthy and attend these whenever she’s generous enough to put them on.

  • janice

    Cool – hooping. I wonder if we have that here. We used to make hula hoops out of a length of garden hose, and put ball bearings in them to make them heavy, and we spent many childhood hours hooping, but with only 1 plain green hoop. The ball bearings made a cool sound.nnI have been doing burlesquercize. It is wonderful fun to see all us women of various ages and sizes ‘dirty dancing’.nnLooking forward to the good news Tuesday.