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Happiness Is…

Hoop…. instead of Poop. Today was a rough day. Huge thanks to hooping (and Sophie) for the hour-long escape from care. And to Lucy for joining me.

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This Poo Shall Pass

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You Have High Self-Esteem, Right?

My weaknesses, my wrinkles, my weight, waste and wussiness. My inner-critic’s bounced right back to full-time abuse. It’s powerful. It’s persistent. But it’s no match for my gratitude. Those bullying thoughts bombard me. As they always have. But I bash … Continue reading

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Personal Drainer

Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal. — Kathleen Kelly, You’ve Got Mail Let me ask you something. Is this a business decision, or is it personal? ‘Cause if it’s business I’ll go away happily. But … Continue reading

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Bellyflop… On Ice

Me, zipping home from work on the perfectly groomed canal. One skate-sized hollow. Crack. Me, on my belly wondering if my knees still work. It’s been 20+ years, and thousands of kilometres, since I’ve been blades-up on the canal. And, … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Lucy and Bayla on qualifying for and participating in their very first school-wide spelling bee. And to Lucy for taking second place.

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Mr. Media Strikes Again

My handsome husband had his first live, national TV appearance, unexpectedly, yesterday. That guy is just unflappable. You can watch his clip here.

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My port-a-cath has been out two months, today. I can hardly believe it’s gone. And I can hardly believe it was actually there. I am so grateful.

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Er… Maybe My Blog Should Just Redirect You To Julien’s

What’s great about the world of awesome is that it’s totally subjective. You don’t have to care about the ways I do it, and I don’t have to like yours. The main judge is yourself, and whether you like yourself … Continue reading

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Preventative Compassion

In minus a million sunshine on the gloriously glassy canal, two Rideau Canal Skate Patrolers took time out, today, to patiently teach a newcomer to skate. Not much makes me happier than a frosty afternoon on our fantastic skateway. That … Continue reading

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I’m not fit to run a company, and I don’t deserve a fancy phone.

If I were more gutsy, I would have quit my job today. Actually… if I were more gutsy, I probably wouldn’t have felt like quitting. Either way, I did get a fancy phone today. Unexpectedly. So, I’ve got that going … Continue reading

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And That’s Why You Always Leave A Note

I thought I’d squeaked out of chemo with just some swapped homophones and fatigue. As it turns out, memory issues are only issues if you remember you’ve forgotten stuff. Today, I noticed this note, stuck next to my home work/sew … Continue reading

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Inertia Major

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud became greater than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anais Nin (via Marcus Buckingham, The Truth About You)

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Posts I Didn’t Write

My new-found respect for sleep means my waking hours are (unevenly) divided between parenting and working. And that writing and reading and sewing and building and lots of other projects are put off to another day. A cancer-free day, thanks to … Continue reading

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And That’s How You Narrate A Story

Mark recently shared with its makers the story of a happy family who almost lost everything and the one husband who had to keep them all together — I mean, how Marketcircle‘s Daylite Productivity Suite saved his sanity. Here it … Continue reading

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