Coo-coo-ca-cha! Coo-coo-ca-cha!

Since the timid travels of my youth, I’ve been happy to leave most geography to pros like Jay, Bill and Janice.

I’ve enjoyed their tales, over tea. Completely glad it wasn’t me. Blithely quenching my “thirst to stay at home”.

Then cancer questioned my stay-put strategy. Thoughts of spots I’d never be — not just because I’m chicken but because I’d missed my chance.

Lately, as I watched one fellow risk-skipper launch into adventure and one adventurous friend prepare to wrap his up, I panicked.

Had I made a huge mistake? Was it too late? Should I max out my visa and see the world?

Then I came across an article I’d written back in 2007. And I remembered who I am.

I’m chicken, yes. But that’s not what’s kept me from exotic adventure.
It’s just not my bag.
I invest in daily, local pleasures. And tame, tasty vacations.
I’m happy where I am.

The joys fear keeps from me are close by. Or internal.

Thanks to this journey, we’re looking forward to a celebratory visit to our Gratitude Statue‘s twin in Apeldoon, Netherlands, in 2014. We’ll enjoy a weekend in Manhattan, this April. And we still hope for whales in the Gaspésie and the Badlands of Drumheller.

In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying our comfortable little radius.

Coka, coka, coka, coh!

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • ps. I do. I like not having fun. I like your idea of fun… I mean, our idea of fun. I like not having that.

  • ps. I do. I like not having fun. I like your idea of fun… I mean, our idea of fun. I like not having that.

  • janice

    I am honoured to be named in your blog. I remember being incredibly impressed by your so-called puny travels – I stood you up for a West Coast Trail gig and you responded by riding across Canada. WOW. (I doubt it was a response to my actions, but I am still impressed.)nnTurns out I was busy making Alison, when I stood you up. That launched me into the most death-defying journey of my life, which you have done x 2, so don’t say you are a chicken. Compared to any trip from the Amazon to the Zambezi, parenting is more scary, more exciting, more rewarding, more ambitious, more risky, and more of anything you can think of. I am sure it was you who sent me a clever quote, on a crafty card, something about armchair traveling and watching a video about children both being much easier than the real thing. I remember laughing my guts out – wish I remembered the quote.nnFunny thing is, I am not much interested in travel any more. I will may join you in the Netherlands in 2014 – I go there for a week every few years, since Mark lives there. But, my favourite cousin invited me on their Nepal trekking trip, to Everest base camp in October, and I LOVE the Himalayas, but I have no interest in going. The same group is going to the West Coast Trail in 2012 and I will be happy to go with them, so it is not the hiking that worries me. Something has shifted. I have acquired a thirst to stay close to home. Mississippi is close, compared to Nepal.nnIt is 0045 and I am recovering a database for some people in India. Does that count as armchair travel? It is funny how they end every request with ‘Please do the needful’. We have all adopted that phrase, at work now.nnOops, I have written a blog post. Recovering a database is like watching paint dry, even if it is for people in Asia.nnOOOOHHHHH and I am so excited – the badlands – that means you are coming here!!! You can’t come in July, because I can’t take holidays then. But I have room for all of you and your dog, and the badlands are a day trip and if you like them, we go back another day.nnLove you.nn

  • Hey Janice,nnThanks for your meaty note and for sharing your perspective on bravery.nnAnd thank you for your excitement. Your enthusiasm for our visit to Calgary is contagious. I spent today just buzzing with excitement wondering if I can swing a cross-Canada railway adventure this summer with Luba. Should I wonder or should I just make it happen?nnI spoke to a friend this afternoon who has ridden the rails to Vancouver, renting a wee cabin and the whole nine yards. I must surely realize by now that we only live once. Our lovelies are only at this perfect 9 and 11 age once. nnI think I might just convince myself…nnThank you for doing the needful!

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