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Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • No way! Very exciting. Thinking one mode of transport or many?

  • Dear Andrea, I wonder how you underestimate yourself about travelling (in the other post). Cross-country biking in Canada must have been great fun (and no joke). Add to that your experiences in teaching the First Nations people, etc. I am sure you will have a great time ahead, travelling. Hoping India (esp. Bangalore, and my hometown, Tirunelveli) too comes in your radar in the next few years.

  • Andreeodonnell

    You are making me do a lot of thinking about dreams. I hope you do it!

  • Sheree Fitch

    Life is a dot to dot puzzle , a constellation -what a shining star of your creating you are. In the beginning is the breath, the dream , the word, the doing. I dream of learning to make pillowcases to dream and pray on. Wise woman showed me it is do-able.

  • If you make it to Victoria, I’ll figure out how to come up and say hello. Probably. 🙂 Depends on how speedy you are.nI have PTSD. This is the year I learn how to get out of the house and back behind the wheel of a car. By 2012 I’m going to be good to get on an airplane.

  • janice

    So Calgary is not on that picture, but we know VIA Rail does not come here any more. Oh well, I will go up to Edmonton and kidnap you and take you to Jasper and down the AMAZING Jasper/Banff road, and make you stay in Calgary for a bit, with some visits to the Badlands and a float down the river that flows just down the street from here. COOL!

  • Thank you!! We absolutely cannot wait!!!!!

  • Well, that is definitely an added reason to get to Victoria.nnI am so sorry about your PTSD and I am happy that you are making progress, and planning more for 2011 and 2012.nnHoping we can meet you in-person this summer!

  • Thank you, Sheree. I so love the dot-to-dot imagery. That is definitely just what it feels like. And if this cross-country dream does come true I am sure hoping one of the dots on our journey is your lovely little dream home. We’ll have flannel pillow cases in hand….nxon

  • I hope we do too. And that your dreams come true too!nnThank you so much for your visit over the holidays, Andree. It was so nice to get together with your family again after all this time. And especially great the way our girls instantly re-clicked. (I am sad to say your delicious raw-cake is now gone … and …. thank-goodness I don’t know how to make it myself!)nnHappy dreaming!nxo

  • Sriram, you are so kind.nIf Via rail goes to Bangalore, we will most definitely get off at your stop and have a great visit!nIn the meantime, we continue to hope your travels will bring you our way again soon.nAfterall, you must be hankering for your favourite sugary Tim Horton’s coffee (or salty WildOat coffee)nnWIshing you a very happy new yearnxo

  • Hopefully way! Not the whole via rail system, of course. But we’d love to do a huge whack of it. That’s the dream I’ve dusted off this week, at least. We’ll see if it makes the transition from dream to reality…

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  • Ktysick

    Hey Andrea, does your trip include Vancouver? We would love to see you, Mark and Luba. Let me know. xon

  • Hey Kathi,nnWe only wish it did! It would be great to visit with you and your family out there. We took our long-lost-new-found friend, Janice, up on her very kind offer, above. We are going as far as Edmonton by train. Janice is picking us up there and we’re enjoying Alberta’s splendour (Calgary, Drumheller, Banff..) for ten days and then heading back home.nnI know the train trip through the Rockies is supposed to be the absolute best part of the trip, but we are really looking forward to visiting with you (in less than a month!!) and I know we’re going to have an absolutely fabulous trip to Edmonton and back.n

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