Preventative Compassion

In minus a million sunshine on the gloriously glassy canal, two Rideau Canal Skate Patrolers took time out, today, to patiently teach a newcomer to skate.

Not much makes me happier than a frosty afternoon on our fantastic skateway.

That did.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.
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  • janice

    Congratulations for going out in minus a million. Great canal skateway – I am so glad you are happy there.

  • Mantolovich

    awww :)

  • Andree O’Donnell

    I agree with Janice. I am impressed you were out there in that crazy cold weather. I thought you were tough before but now you exceeded my expectations of toughness…;) I can’t wait to get back out there too!

  • Andrea Ross

    Thanks, Janice (I thought you were rebuilding New Orleans?) nnI wish I’d done the canal today too. Such a shame to miss a perfect skate-day. But perfect for my not-doing-everything training.nnBon Voyage!

  • Andrea Ross

    Thanks, Andree. I would be thrilled to skate with you at lunchtimes — just say the word!nnps. Just got home from my first beginner hooping class. It’s such perfect therapy for my messed up arm & upper back and my spinning-brain. Thank you again for the introduction!

  • Sriram Venkataraman

    And nothing makes us happier than seeing people doing their work well. So nice of the patrollers. Andrea, glad to see you are having a great time at the Canal. I still remember that Walk on 14-Feb-2004 (Saturday) – ah! “emotion recollected in tranquility” :)

  • Andrea Ross

    Thank you, Sriram.nnWow. That was 7 years ago??? It seems like yesterday. Seriously.nYou would *love* the minus-forty weather we’ve been enjoying lately. The canal is absolutely perfect.nnAnd it will still be here when you, and your little family, visit us next.nxo