It’s just something the body does when you shake it.

Hooping, it turns out, is perfect post-breast-cancer-treatment therapy. Almost.

It challenges my co-ordination, balance and spatial awareness.
It entirely occupies my mind.

Its frantic, erratic arm movements sneak my damaged limb into places I thought I’d left behind.

It allows me to flail and fail without drawing the attention of the likewise intensely occupied others.

And gives me ample opportunity to tame my uber frustration reflex.

It’s brand new, so there’s no kicking myself for lost progress.
It’s great exercise.
It’s fun.

And it’s my first class with Lucy in 10 years.

But last night I discovered the Almost.
Chemo’d chicks don’t spin.
Or at least they shouldn’t.
I discovered.

It’s easy to forget how disgusting chemo was.
Last night’s hoop-induced nausea was a vivid reminder.
Of how lucky I am to be healthy.
And happy.
And chemo-free.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • That looks like a tonne of fun, except the nausea part. For some reason I have the image of hoops flying everywhere and lots of giggles but that could just be my complete lack of coordination and seriousness.

  • Hoop it up baby now, twist and shout! Go Lucy! Go Andrea! Hoop, twist, flail, sway, reach, turn, shake, focus, laugh, attempt, succeed, do over, persevere, play, l-i-v-e!

  • janice

    W Hoop W Hoop!!!

  • Thank you Coreen, Jenny & Janice!nnWho knows, one day we may be hooping together….n

  • Another step forwar, Andrea. Nice! Congratulations!

  • Thanks, Tim.

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