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Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • Enduring brutal cancer treatment and subsequent survival status doesn’t read like a succinct equation. This thing we call ‘a life’ requires steady attention and nurture. Feed your self. Keep at it. If something doesn’t nourish and offer sustenance, try something else. I get the feeling you want some of this stuff to be done; over; out of the picture once and for all. That’s admirable, and it takes time. May you find the patience to let things emerge and the wisdom to release them. nnMe, I like you just the way you are.

  • You’re right, of course, Jenny. Perspective is fleeting. Habits are hard to change.nStill, if I could understand why I let deceit and conceit bother me so much, I do feel I’d be a little closer to stopping.

  • Butterflyskyfarms

    I think many of us are trying to replay a part of our lives to correct something that has gone wrong. It’s like a desperate attempt at reparation that is hard to stop until it’s fixed the deep hurt. nnI hope that makes sense.

  • Andree O’Donnell

    I am with you and was so hoping you would have the answers but I guess it something we all have to just deal with cause I don’t think those things/people ever change no matter what happens in our lives.

  • Thanks for stopping in, Keri, and for sharing your thoughts.nnI totally agree with you. I totally see the desperation and sadness in these people. I mean, it’s painfully obvious how these people are struggling.nnAs my friend Sheree always says, “They’re just not there yet”.nnYet, rather than feeling compassion for these people. I often let their medicinal superiority irk me.nnWhat gets me is thatn- it’s so completely offensive — the competitive stance pits them against me (but *I’m* not competing) — but it’s somehow socially acceptable. No one calls them on it. ever.nn- it’s often completely fabricated or showcasing a useless or career-specific talent/skill/accomplishment or talents/accomplishments many of us have and just don’t bother bragging aboutnn- they don’t realize, we could all do this bragging/posing thing — but we choose not tonn- it’s a total waste of timenn- they think they’re fooling me (I think this is the big one for me). nn- that I’m an unwilling participant in a charade to help them feel better by happily allowing them to pump themselves up by winning oneway competitions with me.nn- that they seem to look down on me having flaws but that I’d actually think so much more highly of them if they were honestnnThis is 100% my hangup to get over. These injured people aren’t going to stop. There’ll always be someone doing it somewhere. nIt’s totally my choice to let it bug me or let it go.nWhat’s it to me if they use my time to boost their own damaged cores?nReally.nnLife is too short to get stung by other people’s hurts.nnI continue to work on this one.nThe good news is, I’ll always have lots of practicennnnnnn

  • Luckily, as good as I am at seeing thru the few braggarts, bullies and poseurs that burn my butt, I’m also very good at finding and surrounding myself with genuine, intelligent, down-to-earth, interesting, curious, fun, friendly people like you and our many other awesome friends, Andree.nn

  • Sheree Fitch153

    Sometimes even if you know the why does not solve it . The never ending doors we go thru until we let go and say —“all is well and all is well and all manner of things shall be well” — to misquote a mystic sister –dunno –am so not there yet! (:

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  • Because you’re human.

  • Because you’re human.

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