Happiness Is…


On April 14, 2011, after 25 years of full-time employment and with no new position in the works, I quit my job.

That evening, I tiptoed timidly into the world of dance. Burlesque, unbelievably. Then celebrated with red wine, Mark and our good friend, Laura.

In the six weeks since then, I’ve turned down a full-time systems analyst position, booked our long-dreamed-of cross-Canada train trip, joined the speaker roster for PAB2011, contributed daily to Mark’s new company and endured ten grueling hours of choreographed belly dancing.

Sure, I’ve continued to torture myself with self-doubt, -criticism and -loathing.
But I’m better, stronger, happier than I was.

I’m alive.
And I’m evolving.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • You`re a gorgeous inspiration!u00a0 Love ya cuz!!!u00a0 xoxo

  • janice

    AWESOME!!!!!!! I am so happy to be involved in your dream. Can’t wait.nnI will show you my Burlesquercise video when you come. It is so fun. nnHope the self-doubt, -criticism and -loathing is decreasing every day. Mine is . . . most days

  • Bergen Laura

    The pleasure was all mine!nxo

  • Now this is what I call good news 🙂

  • Now this is what I call good news 🙂

  • Ktysick

    You forgot “braver”. Good for you cuz, and what an invaluable lesson you have taught Luba. Keep up the good work!n

  • Thank you, Kathi!nxo

  • Thanks, John!

  • and worth saying twice!!

  • Thanks, Laura. Looking forward to lots more happy occasions to celebrate with you!

  • We can’t wait either!nnWait — I won’t be settling for a video! If we’re travelling almost all the way across the continent we surely deserve a live demonstrationnnGlad you’re treating yourself better each daynxo

  • Thank you my strong and smoke-free friend. Right back at you

  • moe

    oooohhhh, a train trip across Canada…what fun. The prairies sort of lose their charm by about early Saskatchewan but the Cyprus Hills and the Rockies make up for it.u00a0nIf you make it all the way to Van. Island, give us a call…

  • Hey Maureen, we wish we could make it all the way across but this round our train ride ends in Edmonton. We’ll spend 10 days basking in Alberta’s many glories then head back home.nnI’m sure the charm wanes in the prairies (not as much as it did when I did the coast-to-coast by bicycle one rainy, rainy summer in my youth!) but we are planning to enjoy every minute of it.nnSo glad we’ll be seeing you here very soon.

  • Morrie

    Andrea, this is a great post, u00a0Hope that everything goes awesomely. u00a0 Looking forward to sharing in your “Canadian Journey” a la Alistair Cooke. u00a0 And kudos to MB and his new company.u00a0

  • Thank you, Morrie! nnMaybe our next cross-country dream-come-true will be down under!n

  • Andreeodonnell

    Can’t wait for your next PAB speech. Thanks as always for youru00a0humanness.

  • Butterflyskyfarms

    Congratulations Andrea.u00a0 Live it up!

  • Butterflyskyfarms

    D says: When you get back touch base….in case you might be interested in a local agricultural business.

  • huh?

  • huh?

  • Thanks, Keri! I am!n

  • Thanks, Keri! I am!n

  • If the video doesn’t show up here, you’ll know I ran screaming from the podium….

  • If the video doesn’t show up here, you’ll know I ran screaming from the podium….

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