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I’m always pleased to hear that my blog has reached people. Especially those on their own versions of this journey.

Today, I heard from Alex in London, England. She asked if I had any advice for post-treatment life. I thought I’d share my response here…

Hi Alex,

Congratulations on completion of your treatment and thanks for your very kind message.

Hmmm. Advice for life after treatment? I guess my advice would be: lower your standards, enjoy each day, face your fears, exude gratitude and try not to stress about prevention.

It seems easy to find tonnes of advice on how to try to prevent recurrence and I made a tonne of lifestyle, food, habit changes during my treatment. But the best advice I have for myself (or you) is probably to be good to myself: and that can mean to remember to be moderate about the anti-cancer stuff. Not to beat myself up because I go weeks or months without eating brazil nuts or almonds or ginger or green tea or flax meal. To accept that I drink coffee and red wine etc. That I have the occasional run of late nights.

Oh, and unsubscribe from all cancer blogs! (I do check in on my cancer-friends from time to time, and catch up on their stories, but getting a steady stream of daily cancer-news was not having healthy results for the post-treatment me)

And here‘s a great bunch of advice.

Wishing you many years of great health and happiness.

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Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • Laurie Kingston

    Excellent advice. For anyone, at any stage of treatment or trying to lead a healthy life.nnIt’s interesting, though what you say about “cancer blogs.”u00a0 A few times over the years, I’ve asked folks if I should start a second blog, without the c word in it. The answer was always that I should keep things as they are – I have cancer but I write about more than that. You’ve got me pondering that question again.

  • Thanks.nnI love your blog, Laurie. It’s honest, it’s interesting, it’s beautifully written. I think for me, unsubscribing from your blog, from Derek’s, (from my own, if I could), and from those of other online friends I’ve made through this one common aspect of our lives, is a matter of control. nnBeing a survivor, for me, is like anything: parenting, biking across Canada, drinking daily juiced veggies without barfing, tackling large jobs. The physical actions aren’t the challenge. It’s the mind game that’s at work every single moment. nnShifting my own thinking is tough and the tests and turmoil of others have huge impacts on my own day-by-day outlook. By deciding when I’ll consume what, I somehow feel a little better prepared for it. I visit on my own schedule. I’m sometimes lucky enough to avoid some frazzling suspense.nnI do miss out on that close community feeling that comes from following daily. And I still get knocked flat by some of the news. But choosing when to consume it is still healthier. nnFor me.nnHey, btw, I can catch up with you *in real life* absolutely any time you’re willing to bestow the honor, now that I’m a Free Bird! Just say the word!nnAndreanxo

  • Kclavette

    Hi Andrea,nThis is Kelly at Mom’s place and I wanted to tell you that your new hairdo ROCKS!!!u00a0 I love it!!u00a0 You look fabulous!!u00a0 nI’ve really missed you guys.u00a0 I hope you are all doing really really well.u00a0 I should be back in touch in the next couple of days…hopefully.nLove you all so much!!!!u00a0 i j k l u00a0u00a0 x0x0x0x0

  • Thanks, Kelly! It’s so great to hear from you again. What an ordeal you’ve lived through. We’ve been thinking about you and beaming tonnes of good, good vibes. nLots of love to all of you,nAndreanxo

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