Please. Spare Me the Cancer-Spam

It is inching towards midnight, one million degrees and humid. We are without air conditioning. Our girls are squirrely and none of us are able to sleep.

So, a cranky post in response to some all-too-frequent insensitive cancer-spam.

Hi Andrea,

I stumbled upon your blog and I was happy to see that you also support breast cancer and I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to share this infographic [linked] with you and your followers, so that we can help to educate and spread the word about the easy preventive steps to combat breast cancer.

Breast Cancer: Get the Facts, ties the importance society has given to how breast look with the lack of importance women have given to their own health. The bra industry itself is a multimillion dollar business and over 400,000 women a year choose to enhance their breasts through cosmetic surgery. And it’s depressing to know that only 65% of women over 40 get a mammogram regularly. We know we all want them to look great, but let’s make sure that they feel that way too.

Will you post this on your blog or Twitter to help women realize how important and easy it really is to prevent breast cancer? Please let me know what you think via, I look forward to your response!

Stephania Andrade


For starters…

  1. You did not “stumble across” my blog, you went searching for breast cancer blogs
  2. I do not support breast cancer
  3. It is not easy to prevent breast cancer
  4. Isn’t 400,000 women a lot less than 65% of women over 40?
  5. It isn’t about wanting our breasts to feel great
  6. I don’t call living 5 years “surviving” [this in response to text on the actual graphic]
  7. Who is paying you? Mammogram-makers?

P.S. My breasts are tiny yet my mammogram showed no sign of that found-it-myself 2cm tumor.

As if anyone reading this blog isn’t already doing the obvious in terms of breast cancer.


About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • Morrie

    A real life marketing organisation being a bunch of ratbag, stupid dills. u00a0 I can believe that. You showed way to much restraint in your reply Andrea. u00a0 Hope you all have a great summer, not too sticky. u00a0u00a0

  • Anonymous

    “You support breast cancer” like you are for it. u00a0Unreal. u00a0Not only the audacity of this scumbag, but, the inability to use English and do arithmetic…u00a0

  • Lori-Ann

    Good grief… I can not believe her nerve… your response was beautifully restrained.u00a0 You go girl!

  • I absolutley love how you handled this. And love the graphic.

  • Thanks, Laurie (the graphic?)

  • Thanks, Lori-Ann. The numbered points, above, was actually my third response to her. The first two were sputtering reflex responses to her suggestions that breast cancer was “easy” to prevent and that I support bc. But, since a quick google search showed that she has spammed blogs all over with her email address and her “i have a story idea for your blog” comments, I figured a third, more coherent, response was not really all that inappropriate. No holds barred and all that.

  • Great entertainment if nothing else, eh Dave?

  • Thank you, Morrie.

    Ratbag, I like it. Is that an Aussie expression or a Morrie-original?

  • I just found another livid response to this pitch:n

  • Moejaymom

    “will you post this on your blog….u00a0 help women realize how easy it really is to prevent breat cancer.”u00a0 Oh BROTHER!u00a0 I honestly believe that major drug companies obstruct and hinder cancer research because if there is no cancer, there is no treatment.u00a0 EASY???u00a0 Because those who have survived breast cancer didn’t do it right???u00a0 How dare you…. and as our dear friend Andrea says… I do not support breast cancer… and I am so very fortunate not to have had to travel this path.

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