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Bracing for Pinktober

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Happiness Is…

Jack Layton. Look what the postman just delivered. A cozy, upbeat reminder of our dearly missed Jack. Straight from his beloved T.O. Peace…. Love…. Jack Layton. Perfect. Thank you, Kingi. Thank you, Jack. Related Links: We’ll Rebuild Jack Too Let’s … Continue reading

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Feel Free

When I was diagnosed in October 2009, I was vaguely aware of one woman who had been through the experience before me. I felt isolated. Targeted. Stupid. Alone. Sadly, I don’t feel alone now. There are too many of us. … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Eighteen intensity-packed days condensed down to 2 minutes of feel-goodness. Thank you, Mark!

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Happiness Is…

The many wise, warm, wonderful women who enrich my life.

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Happiness Is…

Weekly evenings with Jay. A lot’s gone on in the past twelve years. Hopes and upheaval. Disappointments. Triumphs. In work, relationships, parenting and health. And through it all, there’s been a weekly evening with Jay. Sanity. Sage advice. Laughter. Perspective. … Continue reading

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Mind Games

We fight about clean-up a lot at our place. About keeping the common areas tidy. Participating in household chores. During after-battle tears, yesterday, Lucy admitted “I know it’s for our own good, Mom. So we’ll know how to clean up.” … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Three glorious, sun-filled days. Eating, drinking and being merry. With fabulous, fabulous family.

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The Time of My Life

A year ago yesterday, was my first day back to work. But yesterday, wasn’t. Lucky, lucky me. Before cancer, I led a charmed life. And I knew it. I was happy. I was healthy. With two delicious daughters. And a … Continue reading

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Hey. You. Get Offa My Blog.

I truly hope to reach my golden years. And if I do, I sure hope I don’t find that I have alienated myself from every one of my children. And if I have, I really hope that none of my … Continue reading

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“As Hope Edelman puts it so well in her book Motherless Daughters: ‘Our mothers are our most direct connection to our history and our gender.’ By their presence or absence, the example they set or the lack of it, their … Continue reading

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I would have much preferred to be the subject of the “Instant Stress Relief!” or “Make Good Sex Great” article. But whatever. Prevention Magazine. October 2011. Pages 94-95.

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Blendered. Again.

School started this morning. Lucy and Bayla were thrilled. Mark was melancholy. And I was chopped, tossed and tongue-tied by the schoolyard full of parents. Stepping into that sea of smiling excitement knocked me flat. I can’t think. I can’t … Continue reading

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Kickin Cousins

It’s August 29, 1982. Five days after my sweet-17. Relatives drop in and I’m sent to the local orchard to pick up some apples. It’s a 4km drive. My 12 year old cousin, Susie, joins me for the ride. We … Continue reading

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Life Imitates Art


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