Hey. You. Get Offa My Blog.

I truly hope to reach my golden years.

And if I do, I sure hope I don’t find that I have alienated myself from every one of my children.

And if I have, I really hope that none of my children has to endure the trauma of a life-threatening illness without one iota of parental support.

And if they do, I sincerely hope I won’t be so petty and poisonous at to leave snarky comments on their blog.

But that’s just me.

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About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.
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  • http://www.markblevis.com Mark

    I also sincerely hope our judgement isn’t so broken that we publish in memoriam ads about our living grandchildren (Our daughters are alive and well).

  • http://www.WeCanRebuildHer.com Andrea Ross

    don’t even get me started on that list of atrocities…n

  • Laurie Kingston

    A few years ago, Tim introduced me to the phrase “bat shit crazy.” I use it sparingly (especially since I don’t know what it means-u00a0 except REALLY crazy) but I think it’s apt in this case.u00a0 Here’s to choosing the sane and the healthy and banishing the crazy!

  • http://www.WeCanRebuildHer.com Andrea Ross

    Yup. I do believe that’s the correct term. The chronic version, unfortunately.nnAnd, yes, here’s to sanity and good health. Looking forward to catching up.

  • janice

    Sweet Andrea, you have broken the cycle. Likely most children of bat-shit-crazy abusive parents go on to abuse their children. Kudos to you. (I miss my Ross-Blevis family).

  • http://www.WeCanRebuildHer.com Andrea Ross

    Thanks, Alexa.

  • http://www.WeCanRebuildHer.com Andrea Ross

    Thanks you, Janice.