Happiness Is…

Surviving and thriving.

That’s us, to the right. Two years ago today.
Moments after sharing the bad news with Luba.

So early in a surreal journey.

Behind that smile, a big part of me thought life was over. All of me hoped it was just beginning.

We headed to Quebec City that week. As planned.  I tossed and turned in the hotel bed, hoping I’d somehow fall asleep before Lucy, Bayla and Mark finished watching “The Corpse Bride”, “Beetlejuice”, “Edward Scissorhands” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

I was awoken, one of those nights, by a ringing thought: This was the beginning of “The Spicy Me”.

Before this ordeal, my aim was to get through life. To make it to some far off end without losing any of the fabulousness I’d stumbled into. New territories and aspirations were reserved for Luba. As a matter of course.

Two years ago today, I opened my eyes.
I became alert. Aware. Present.
Grateful plus.

I started examining. And choosing. And imagining more.

The two years since then have brought trauma and mourning, recovery and joy. I’ve made friends. I’ve taken chances. I’ve explored new territories. I’ve become the Spicy Me.

I’d never choose cancer. I never want it again. For any one.

And I’m supremely grateful for the efflorescing goodness I’ve been treated to since that mind-boggling beginning. Two years ago today.

I’m aspiring to many, many more good years.
By the way.

About Andrea

Andrea Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer October 6, 2009 and intends to survive and thrive. You can read more from Andrea here.

  • Ahh. u00a0Yes. u00a0Yes!

  • janice

    I love you – the spicy you!! Yes, and I loved you before – you were not bland.

  • I love you, too, Janice. You’ve always been spicy.

  • Laurie Kingston

    I think this is my favourite thing you’ve written. And I’ve loved many of your posts. I also think it’s the best thing I’ve read by anyone in quite some time. Lovely post. Resonates from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

  • Kelly @ JAX does design

    I can’t imagine the fear that you must have felt when you were diagnosed with cancer. I’m new to your blog, but judging by this post, you have a positive outlook and it sounds like you’re doing well. I hope so. Cancer sucks, and the more people who beat it, the better!nnThank you for taking the time to visit my blog and for sharing in my happiness at having Jackson back home, safe & sound :-)u00a0

  • Andree O’Donnell

    I am so glad you are here today to write this cause it is so inspiring.

  • Sriram V

    Dear Andrea, how are you? Glad that the Spicy You is in full flow. Here’s wishing many, many more good years.

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  • Sheree Fitch153

     I love you Cinnamon girl.  xoxoox   

  • Thank you all for your kind words!

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