From the Mouth of Bayla # 16: GNO

Every Thursday, Lucy and I have a program called GNO (girls night out) . It’s from 6:00 to 8:00pm. We have different activities every Thursday. Lucy and I have been to two sessions, this is what I can remember of our schedule; we are going camping at Lac Phillipe, we are going swimming and we just did a cookie “Bake-off” and it was a tie ( I think our cookies were the best.)

Girls night out is really fun, not only because the activities really rock but also there are no boys to bug us.

From the Mouth of Bayla #14: the fire on monk

Yesterday, there was a fire on our street, it started at 7:00am and ended at 5:00pm. It affected six appartments there for it affected ten people. only one person was hurt, he slipped on the ice and was put in a neck brace. Our neighbour, Frank, discovered the fire. He was walking to work but he was late but somehow that was a good thing because he saw the fire and banged on the door and yelled FIRE!!! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! Frank was still on the phone with the fire department when the fire fighters arrived. The fire started on the second-floor balcony and then spread onto the roof. luckily, everybody was safe and accounted for.

From the Mouth of Bayla #11: port-a-cath person

Two nights ago, mom suggested to me that “tomorrow you could draw a face around my port-a-cath, because it kind of looks like a nose”. So, last night I drew the person. I was going to put 2 GIANT hairy nostrils on the bottom of the port-a-cath but mom wouldn’t let me. I can’t believe I did the person without hurting mom. Today I woke up and  the port-a-cath person was smudged.

From the Mouth of Bayla# 10

Today, I did 2 presentations. One was a book talk* and the other was an oral presentation. The oral presentation had to be on “Mon activite prefere*”. I did mine on the violin.

I’ve been doing the violin for 5 years approx.  Playing the violin takes my mind off of any bad thing that is going on because playing the violin really takes you into your own little world.

For the last few days, I’ve been playing to take my mind off of dad being in Calgary.

For the last few months, I’ve been playing to take my mind off of the fact that mom has cancer.

*a book talk is a talk about one of your favourite book.

*mon activite prefere means “my favourite activity.”

From the Mouth of Bayla #9

When your hair grows back,  it’s really fuzzy, so you might want too keep shaving it until it gets back to normal, or if you really want fuzzy hair then that’s okay but it won’t be very warm.

When you are in chemo, you should try to stay away fron sicknesses because you could get sick and it’s not just ” Oh it’s just a normal day of lying in the bed with the flu, I’ll get over it soon.”, it’s  serious.

From the Mouth of Bayla #7: BULLIES

When you’re in the gym getting ready for the walk over* and one of your WORST enemies is bullying you, you don’t really want to go tell your principal because you are kind of too tired to go from the third floor to the gym to the first floor so you just yell to a counselor that he is being mean to you…again. Your mom has cancer and you are putting up with: being hit in the back, being kicked, being laughed at and when you finally get an appoligy this is what it sounds like: “I am not sorry.” WHAT? I don’t think so!

*walk over is a walk to after-care and until everybody is there, you stay in the gym of your school and you wait in line with your friends  (bullies are there in line too so they always start to bullie me Lucy and two other friends.)

From the Mouth of Bayla #7: My Family

To me,  my family is the best most AMAZING part of my life,  sometimes most of the time I fight with Lucy, but she’s my sister, doesn’t everybody fight with their siblings? Sure, mom and dad get mad at me and Lucy , but that’s normal. Don’t normal familys have their problems too? One of our problems is that mom has cancer. These are my thoughts; mom should connect with the ground pretend she is growing roots on her feet and they are growing deep in the darkness  of the deep dense soil, that should make her feel really good.

From the Mouth of Bayla #5

When you go through chemo, you should shave your head if you don’t really want to know when you lose your hair but even if you DO shave your head you can FEEL when your hair WOULD fall out, your head gets all tender and sore, it really hurts when people touch it so, when your hair starts to fall out try to avoid people touching your head.

Out of the Mouth of Bayla #4: Because of Chemo

You know how if you are having chemotherapy you don’t really want your child(ren) to be there so the first thing that pops into your head is “oh let’s send them to a friend’s house” or “hey let’s send them to their grandparent’s house”, my grandparents are going to pick me and my sister (Lucy) up from school today. I feel useless because I can’t help after chemo.

From the mouth of Bayla #3: Right, Again

A couple days ago mom had an extra lump above her incision and everyone was worried, everyone, that is, exept for me, I knew straight away what it was, the day of mom’s biopsy and she went to the dentists office to get a fluid lump removed from her mouth, it was nothing so they removed it sewed it up and it was over with, so the extra lump was fluid.

From the Mouth of Bayla #1

If  you are a parent undergoing cancer treatments, the first thing you should do is try to stop eating (and drinking): beer, wine, coffee, anything with sugar and anything with caffeine. Then there are some gross drinks you should drink (ie: beat, ginger, lettuce and/or spinach, celery and carrott juice and/or medicinal tea) after you have had all of those drinks it reduces the chances of throwing-up during chemotherapy.

Personally I think that I am getting less time with my mom and more time with my friends. It  may seem to you like a big treat but to me I like spending time with my family but don’t get me wrong I also like spending time with my friends just when you are in a situation like this you like spending time with your family.