Luba Duba Duo #1: Kelly, Diane and Luke

“We’re about 20 minutes away.”

Twenty minutes later, Kelly, Dianne, Luke and all their luggage arrived.

Two days, one trip to Montreal, one tulip festival, lots of Phaedra-petting, lots of hugs, kisses and lots of fun later, they were packed up in their van, ready to go. We were very, very sad to see them go.

Four hours later, we got a call. Expecting they were home safe we picked up the phone and realized we were completely wrong. They were stuck in Kingston because of a major accident. Oh no. We were expecting it would be a 3.5 hour drive. How wrong we were.

Luba Duba Duo #1: a passover surprise

Today we received a plateful of matzah covered in butter, brown sugar and chocolate. Mmm mmm mmm!!! We are so lucky that we have nice friends who are not afraid to train our sweet tooth!!!

The plate was about three inches high, now it is only like ten centimeters high.

Our dad’s friend came over and ate some and he LOVED it!!! We can’t resist!!! It’s hard because we know they’re not all that great for us but they’re just soooooooo good!!!!!!!!!

Poor mom!!! (Mom doesn’t eat sugar)