From the Mouth of Bayla # 31 : Christmas

OK.Where should I start? I’ll start with Christmas eve.You can’t belive how many presents were on the coffee table! Some of them even hid the tree! (we had a rosemary bush.) Dad got bed sheets, books, tea, candy and an ok go CD. Mom got tea, two pairs of funky new glasses, a box decorated as a reindeer and a scarf and hand warmers. Lucy and I got too much to remember but we got one thing that we have been asking for for five months. A Wii.

From the Mouth of Bayla: Anti-Cancer Yumm!!

Yesterday, Lucy, Mom, Dad and I recived a GREAT gift.

It was sprouted lentil and burdock soup with miso, burdock root tea, black kale chips, apple crisp, raspberry blueberry banana and chia pudding, marinated red cabbage, raw curried carrot soup, raw dehydrated broccoli and pineapple salad, raw marinated mushroom and parsley salad and avocado sprout and millet sushi.YUUMMM!!!!

We would like to thank you for making the delicious anti-cancer food for us, Candice Bernes !!!!!!!

Note from Mom:
More about Candice Bernes and her healthy personal chef services at

From the Mouth of Bayla # 28 : a summer of reading

This summer we have read:

  • If You’re Reading this it’s too Late
  • Manolito Four Eyes #1
  • Manolito Four Eyes #2
  • Manolito Four Eyes #3
  • Leo and the Lesser Lion
  • Holes
  • The Unearthly Asylum
  • Sara Book #1
  • Sara Book #2
  • Elijah of Buxton
  • Zombiekins
  • Kenny and the Dragon
  • The Higher Power of Lucky
  • After Hamelin

I really liked all of them but I have to say that After Hamelin was one of my  top favourites. I think you should read them.

From the Mouth of Bayla # 26 :Meech and Dows, Rideau canal and um Meech?

For the past couple of days our family has been staying at Bill’s house.

Lucy and I have gone exploring a lot, we have found salamanders, frogs, red squirrels and foot-tall 2-feet- long animals that coincidentally look a lot like Phaedra.

We haven’t spent a lot of time at Meech Beach (as our dad used to call it) because Bill said it had leeches.

We would like to thank Bill for letting us use his home for a week.


From the Mouth of Bayla #25:where what and when

A: For me: still the same room. For Lucy: upstairs

A: my own bedroom!!!!!!


Lucy and I have always been begging and pleading for our own rooms. Well, now we’ve got them!!!

We’ve got this AWESOME plan BUT (and as you can see it is a big bold but) I can’t tell them to mom and dad so I better not write them on the blog because mom and dad read the blog.

From the Mouth of Bayla #24 : someone else

Today, mom and I went on a walk to Dow’s Lake. We also went to see Sylvester’s family .

They are doing really well!

His sibling (who was also in the accident) is adapting to his new way of walking and swimming.

While we were watching, a man came on a bike with a little bag. He took his bag off his bike, opened his bag and took out a small sack of seeds. He started to tell us about  his job (wild animal care) and we started to tell him about Sylvester. Meanwhile, he was taking out handfuls of seeds.

It’s really nice to know someone who goes to Dow’s Lake two times a day to take care of a duck and his family.

From the Mouth of Bayla # 22 : One less family member

I know that it sounds like a human in our family died but sad to say ;it was Sylvester. He died yesterday night after he had been given medicine. I was so happy when we had saved him and we were all convinced he would NOT die but we were wrong. Now were all crying. Sylvester I just wanted to let you know I love you, we ALL love you. Sylvester, we will always love and remember you, Sylvester there will NEVER be a duck like you. All our love, Bayla, Lucy, Andrea & Mark. 🙂

From the Mouth of Bayla #21: a new pet

Plop! A poor little duckling keels over in the water, he is starting to sink, little by little. Mom, wishing, that duckling could come to the shore, somehow. Whoosh. the current pushes the poor duck to the shore. Mom picked him up and brought him home!!!!! Then mom picked us up from school and told us that we had an adventure and she told us that “I’ll only tell you if we don’t get to the house in time.” So we got to the house and little Sylvester was sitting in his water dish.

From the Mouth of Bayla #18: My birthday party

In two weeks, we will be celebrating my birthday with my friends even though my birthday is in July.  The reason I am celebrating it in May is that everyone is away in the summer.

Here are some of the activities planned: scavenger hunt outside/inside,”Bunny Trail Dirt*” competition, flashlight tag and other really sweet games.

For dinner we will be having “make your own burrito night” followed by the Bunny Trail Dirt competition. I think we will have many rounds of flashlight tag,  but I think they will be around 9:00 to 12:00 (advice to self: be quiet during the rounds of flashlight tag because there is a preschooler next door and I do not think he wants to be woken up by some noisy best-friend grade threes, THOSE ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!!!!!!!.)

* Bunny Trail Dirt is a mixture of all sorts of candies (eg: rockets, smarties, jellybeans, (gushers if you don’t mind a storm) some pop rocks, brown & white sugar andbits of chopped up cookie.)

From the Mouth of Bayla #17: Lee Edward Fodi

Our house has become a usual  stop for authors and illustrators, we’ve had two authors at our house in the last 3 months ( Lee Edward Fodi and Sheree Fitch.) Lee came over tonight and we had an awesome time with him (ex: we went for a walk with the dog to see the tulips and we had a BBQ.) Lee is also coming to my school on Tuesday. I can’t wait to see him again!

When we were on the walk with Lee  mom fell in a hole up to her crotch and then she said “@#$%!!!!!!!!!!”